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Angela Cole: artist - basketmaker.

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Westow, England, YO60 7LU 01653658462

Angela is a modern basket designer-maker, rooted in heritage skills and nature. She combine woven willow with woodland materials making traditional functional baskets, sculptural woodland inspired baskets and plant supports. She is influenced by the coppicing cycle, by cultivated and found natural materials and by the physical work of making. Her work is completely sustainable.

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Angela designs and makes a range of traditional baskets with contemporary design features; log baskets, shopping baskets, laundry baskets, fruit baskets and trugs. Her Woodland Baskets are all individual pieces.

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More about Yorkshire Willow Baskets

Story and ethos

Angela works with woodland materials and willow, following the seasons. From Winter to Spring she coppices hazel and willow, which are used to make plant supports, arches and grow-throughs. Summer and Autumn are about basket making. Her range of functional frame and traditional baskets are also made using the willow and coppice materials, with the designing and weaving taking place in her workshop at Westow Grange Cottage. She also creates unique, sculptural woodland inspired baskets, using wild and found materials.

Angela has been awarded the Basketmakers Professional Progress Award, been selected for the Cockpit Arts Basketmakers Professional Development Programme, and been granted a Bursary by The York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship. Her work is exhibited nationally.

Sustainability and integration with nature are at the core of Angela's creative process and the main focus of expression. Her harvesting of the woodland and willow materials in winter roots herself and her work in the woodland and its seasonality.

Angela is studying for her City and Guilds Diploma in Creative Basketry, learning advanced skills, design and research techniques. She will use the knowledge and skills learnt to advance her own work, and to ensure the passing on and continuation of heritage skills for others.


For collectors of heritage baskets!

5.0 rating
26 January 2022

Just seen the Swallow basket at Manchester Art Gallery, looking beautiful.


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