In with Spring, out with dust

It’s spring! Or so we hope…

I’ve been transitioning in between clothing types this week, moving away from my warm wool coat to lighter garb. It’s delightful to not be weighted down by 20 layers of fabric.

Spring is synonymous with the shedding of layers (unless we’re talking about trees), and part of that includes the desire for a re-fresh, a clean, a spruce up, to look our very bright shiny best.

Winter is for the coziness of a warm nest. Spring? Why that’s for bare bones and fresh starts.

Last year we wrote a blog featuring 6 cleaning brands that were UK-made and cruelty free. Today, we’re introducing to you Blue Patch brands that fit the bill.

Eco-spring cleaning

Kinn Living

Kinn Living does it with plants! Eco-friendly natural home cleaning products, certified organic body care and a soon to launch mother and baby range.

Genesis BioSciences

5 years of Research & Development led Genesis BioSciences to create Evogen Professional, an innovative, environmentally-responsible and performance-driven probiotic cleaning range, offering a safe alternative to traditional chemicals. They use a combination of eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific beneficial bacteria to tackle common cleaning challenges.

Evogen Professional Interior Cleaning Kit


Delphis Eco

We’re liking the fresh colours and branding of Delphis Eco! Quite aside from that, this is a brand that takes its sustainability very seriously. Plus they are vegan.

These products are part of their new range, available to purchase very soon.




Sensitive skin will love Bio-D! It is an independent, family-owned, ethically motivated company, dedicated to promoting the use of hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible detergents that have a minimum impact on the ecosystem both in their use and in their manufacturing process.



After all this cleaning, if you’d like your house to smell gorgeous, try a candle, or three.

House of Beau makes hand poured soy candles with gorgeous scents, lovely for a quiet evening as well.

All that aside, we’d recommend getting out in the lovely, fresh spring air and enjoying these blue skies before the rains descend again.

What are your favourite cleaning products? Let us know!

Preeti is the Marketing Manager at Blue Patch. Born and raised in India, she spent some time in the US, completing a degree in Psychology and Biology, after which she moved to the UK in 2010 to study an MSc in Finance and Management. She can often be found obsessing over her plants, trying to clamp down on an ever-increasing collection of nail polish or exploring and taking photos of random corners of London. She finds cleaning therapeutic as long as she has the time.