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Sustainable Living Training Courses by Monkton Wyld Court

The purpose of Monkton Wyld Court is to provide education around sustainability. We have different kids groups each week who use the grounds, make bread and work closely with nature. Home ed classes on engineering and gardening are regular now. We have a calendar of courses and events - with LandBase courses more specifically for professional growers and land workers. A holiday here can be an education: seeing the variety of energy aware initiatives around the site and how a voluntary community live together and keep the whole place going.

The residential community run Monkton Wyld Court in exchange for food and accommodation and a nominal payment from the trustees in goodwill. We welcome 2-week volunteers all throughout the year and some stay on longer term. The house is kept fully vegetarian and our kitchen members are regularly catering for guests with different dietary needs, with the only place where meat is permitted to be cooked and eaten being at the outside kitchen/fire pit area. The house was not built with sustainability in mind
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