Blue Patch Sustainability Awards

Open for entry this September

We’re delighted to welcome your entries for the Blue Patch Sustainability Awards 2022.

After 6 action-packed years, we’re introducing the new Community Award!

Judges are from the fields of sustainability, community outreach, business, the creative arts, science, innovation, non-profit and journalism. The ‘big judges reveal’ will be in November!

Awards open September 10th and close November 25th 2022.




New Business Award

Free to enter

If your business is under 2 years old and based in the UK or Ireland, this is your category!

Category-specific question: What inspired you to start your business / what problem do you solve / what are you most proud of / what are your future plans. Max 300 words

Suggestions: for early stage businesses and start ups with an environmental and/or social mission

Community Award

Free to enter

Are you inspiring change / supporting others in your community?

Category-specific question: What gave you the idea for your project / who benefitted / what outcome would you like to see? Max 300 words

Suggestions: special events, communicating the future, inspiring actions towards net zero, health and wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, air quality, saving energy, protecting wildlife.

Who can enter: businesses, educational establishments, community groups and individuals Under 18s. Permission form

Environment Award

The race to build a safe and sustainable future is here. How are you responding through your business activities?

Category-specific question: Describe your environmental project / achievement, what prompted you to do this /what problem does it solve / what impact will it have / how can you measure the impact? Max 300 words.

Suggestions: biodiversity and conservation, sustainable food production, climate change action, positive finance, renewable energy, sustainable innovation, circularity, recycling, waste and energy management.

Who can enter:

Free for Blue Patch members and patrons

Non-members, entry £100 (turnover under 100,000)

Non-member, entry £250 ( turnover over £100,000)

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Heritage Award

For a project that celebrates heritage, culture and creativity, with sustainability taken into account.

Category-specific question: Describe how your project or achievement contributes to heritage and culture. 300 words.

Suggestions: Red List crafts, skills, tools and techniques, provision of training and apprenticeships, innovative exhibitions and display, visual and applied art, crafts and design, including publications.

Free for Blue Patch members and patrons

Non-members, entry £100 (turnover under 100,000)

Non-member, entry £250 ( turnover over £100,000)

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People’s Prize

All shortlisted applicants can enter this fun public vote.

ENTRY. Free. Voting via our newsletter, sign up here

What we want & Tips

  • Save your answers on another document and check word count, before filling in the entry form. There is NO AUTOSAVE
  • Writing not your thing ? Submit a video or voice recording
  • Apply for as many categories as you wish
  • Sum up your business or project. Max 35 words
  • Answer your category-specific question. Max 300 words
  • What makes your business sustainable? Max 150 words
  • 5 good quality NAMED images (e.g thegreenworkshop.jpg)
  • OPTIONAL video / sound recording link. Named in the file (e.g the greenworkshop.format)
  • Don’t leave it until the final hour – trust us! Deadline 25th November
  • Share your social media links so that we can tag you if you’re shortlisted!

The Blue Patch Awards celebrate Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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Can I apply for more than one category?

Sure can! You can apply to all categories plus the People’s Prize.

When is the entry deadline?

November 25th 2022

Can I check out the past winners?

Absolutely – You will find all of our past winners here

With thanks to our Patrons

The Blue Patch Sustainability Awards are kindly supported by our Patrons.