Entry to the 2022 Sustainability Awards is now open

Entry for the 7th annual Sustainability Awards is now open. For a chance to be a winner, chosen by our expert panel of judges, fill in the entry form for the 2022 awards. 

Winners of the Sustainability Awards will be featured in the Power of Positive Shopping magazine which is a print publication that is circulated in London suburbs. 

Winners are also invited to take part in Let’s Do Net Zer0 which is our program to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions. 

What are the Sustainability Award categories?

The awards are open to organisations in the UK and Ireland. The five categories that are open for entry in 2022 are:

  1. New Business Award
  2. Community Award
  3. Environment Award
  4. Heritage Award
  5. People’s Prize

New Business Award – open to businesses that are less than 2 years old.

The Top Up Truck, a refill truck that supplies homes in London with eco-friendly products won the New Business Award in 2021.

I loved everything about this business. From how it started up, the speed it started, its mission, its purpose to how it is great for connecting the local community. Perfect idea as it is not easy to access Refill shops if you don’t live near them. It is clearly meeting the needs of those who are less mobile as well as providing a social outlet. Great work with schools and in education. Huge potential for growth and it is inspiring just how quickly this has grown in size. Would love to see one of these trucks in every town.

Judge’s comment on Top Up Truck

Community Award – open to individuals, schools, businesses and community groups that are making a positive impact on sustainability. 

Bold Voices won the Impact Award last year and Y.O.U. Underwear won the Global Impact Award. These are combined into the Community Award in 2022.

A brilliant business idea, effort and impact! I couldn’t have agreed more and would love to support this initiative and see it growing further. Well done to the founders as I believe they have founded something very strong that will go a long way.

Judge’s comment about Bold Voices

I am particularly impressed with how every facet of the business has adopted an ethical and sustainable model and where possible, certification. I also like the effort put into monitoring their impacts, and the addition of the take-back scheme.

Judge’s comment about Y.O.U. Underwear

Environment Award – open to businesses that are working on their sustainability and have achieved a specific outcome on their journey towards sustainability and net zero.

Habitat Aid & Bio-D were joint winners of the Environment Award in 2021 and Bio-D also won the Circular Economy Award. Habitat Aid supplies indigenous seeds and plants and Bio-D makes eco-friendly cleaning products. 

With many species becoming extinct through habitat loss and climate change, this business is making a real contribution to sustainability

Judge’s comment about Habitat Aid

Very well thought through sustainability strategy which goes well beyond the core business activity.

Judge’s comment about Bio-D

Heritage Award – open to businesses that have  contributed to culture and heritage, with sustainability being integral to the project.  

Angus Ross Furniture won the Heritage Award in 2021 for his Arts & Crafts project at the Red House.

Angus Ross’s work will be enjoyed by generations. The contemporary benches sit beautifully within the Arts & Crafts setting of the Red House, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of context, exceptional skill and a mastery of the language of design.

Judge’s comment about Angus Ross Furniture

People’s Prize – everyone can vote for their favourite nominee in this fun category.

Top Up Truck won this award last year.

How to enter the Sustainability Awards

The New Business, Community and People’s Prize are free entry. The Environment & Heritage Awards are paid, unless you are already a Blue Patch member, so join today

Full details for how to enter are here. Entries are only open until November 25th, 2022. That’s a little over 10 weeks from now!

For ideas on how to make your entry stand out, read our blog on how to win a sustainability award.

When will the winners be announced?

The judging panel will draw up a shortlist from the entries. The People’s Prize will then be promoted for you to vote for your favourite nominee. The winners will be announced in early 2023.

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.