Environmental Management Statement

Our environmental statement was reviewed and updated March 2024.

In December 2020 Blue Patch made a formal commitment to reach Net Zero by 2030, supporting the Race to Zero!

Logo of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign


We focus on five key areas

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the bluepatch.org platform (in progress 2024/25). Our developers are sourcing a new plugin that will reduce the carbon footprint by 70% for people browsing the platform.
  • Providing free training for business members to audit and reduce their carbon emissions. In 2023 / 2024 workshops were provided, both online and in person, covering the importance of ESG and carbon auditing using scope 1, 2 and 3 for SMEs.
  • Supporting collaboration and resource sharing between business members. Our impact report in 24 will provide details of successful sharing and waste reduction over 2023 /24.
  • Providing consumers and businesses free access to sustainable products, services and information.
  • Using 100% of Blue Patch’s revenue to benefit society and the environment. See investments so far below.

Carbon auditing and impact reporting

In 2022 Blue Patch introduced LET’S DO NET ZER0, a free programme to help members to audit and reduce carbon emissions, using Compare Your Footprint, a carbon calculator.

Environmental and Social impact buttons, activated from Blue Patch microsites, link directly to members’ impact reports, hosted on their own websites. We are working with members to activate these links.

Website hosting with Green Geeks

The bluepatch.org website is hosted on Green Geeks. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon offset Green Geek’s carbon footprint. Then BEF purchase 3 times more renewable energy certificates (REC) than the company has consumed in a single year. This energy is put back into the grid.

Green web button

Business Declares

Bluepatch.org is proud to have joined Business Declares the fast-growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Concern for both people and the planet are not new to us and we look forward to continuing to share our journey and ensuring our voice is part of the collective, resounding call for change. We are certainly not claiming to be perfect, neither are we judging others, instead we are part of a coalition of the willing looking to collaborate and accelerate action while continuing to highlight the challenges and uncomfortable truths.


Blue Patch’s sustainable mini-guide Positive Shopping is printed in the UK on FSC Mix accredited paper. Our product swing tags are plastic-free on FSC recycled paper using eco-print and are printed in the UK. We encourage low carbon logistics and public transport. We use plastic-free plant-based paint, reusable and plastic free signage and recycled plinths for exhibitions.


Blue Patch’s office runs on Good Energy, which is 100% renewable energy. We use LED lighting and a recycling policy is in place. The team local to Blue Patch HQ walk or cycle to work. We have a single car driver who has to collect children from school. This is short term. The non-local team connect via zoom.

Scope 1. Gas: 3,219 kWh (25754 kWh divided by 8).

Scope 2: Electricity 380.2 kWh (3041.6 kWh divided by 8). Supplier Good Energy, Green Variable* (49.4% wind, 32.7% biogeneration, 4.3% hydro, 13.6% solar.

*Fuel Mix Disclosure period April 2019-March 2020. UK Fuel Mix & carbon intensity data source: BEIS, Fuel Mix Disclosure Data
Table. All energy suppliers are required to provide information on their fuel mix.


  • Retrofit Blue Patch HQ – in progress. Aim EPC C.
  • 2024 Elite Renewables commissioned to insulate and provide renewable energy, in the form of solar and ASHP to Blue Patch’s home-office. The project will be well documented as the property is a typical Victorian property. We hope to produce a blueprint for others to follow.
  • To source an electric car when it’s not viable to use public transport.

Our Business Mission

To help the UK become a net zero nation 100% of our surplus income is invested into community owned renewable energy projects.

people walking down a country path, with trees and a giant wind turbine, showing our commitment to sustainable and renewable energy
Thrive Renewables

Our members

We select our members based on their commitment to supporting the environment. We showcase members’ achievements in reducing emissions.

Consumer awareness

We help customers to source and shop locally and sustainably through our sustainable business directory.

Our Journal shares tips on all aspects of sustainability from how to retrofit to plastic-free shopping guides.

Blue Patch’s 100% for the Planet is a pledge to invest all our surplus revenue in community energy.

community energy projects
community energy projects

Our network of partners and affiliations