Environmentally friendly paint choice for progressive Climate Justice project at Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery announces new Official Paint Sponsorship with Edward Bulmer Natural Paint.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint has been a member of Blue Patch since 2018.  The company produces natural plant based paints that are plastic free and natural. The colour range is vibrant and exciting, with over 100 shades developed by designer, architectural historian and eco-expert, Edward Bulmer. The company is completely transparent about the ingredients in its paints and you can find a full list on their website. 

Non-toxic paints are ideal for homes & interiors, they are breathable so moisture and mould are not trapped in surfaces and contain no petrochemicals, which are strongly suspected of exacerbating allergies. They are also kind to the environment, as the paints are classed as volatile organic compounds (VOC) free. VOCs are harmful when released from drying paint into the air and produce ozone.

Blue Patch introduced the company to Manchester Art Gallery, who officially announced the collaboration on the 15th March. 

Manchester Art Gallery’s new Official Paint Sponsor Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is a member of Blue Patch, the home of sustainable business and a pioneering social enterprise that uses 100% of its profit to fund community-owned green energy projects. Blue Patch facilitated the sponsorship, enabling the new Climate Justice Gallery to open with plant-based ecologically safe colour on the walls!’ 

Manchester Art Gallery

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint say they “are thrilled to be the official paint sponsor for the Manchester Art Gallery and we can’t wait to showcase our natural colours alongside inspiring exhibitions and artworks. “

“The Manchester Art Gallery often focuses exhibitions around environmental issues in terms of its content and artworks but MAG is also making sure in the creation and curation of their exhibitions they are using materials that are protecting our planet, such as choosing a natural, plant-based paint. It is great to partner with an institution that is striving to be better in terms of its sustainability and which wants to educate others about climate change through their powerful exhibitions and dynamic spaces. “

“There are so many amazing exhibitions coming up at the gallery which we are injecting some wonderful natural colour into and we will be sharing this with our audience through our newsletter and social channels so watch this space!”

“Shown in these images is the new Climate Justice display, chosen by the MAG Climate Justice group – which is made up of artists, volunteers, visitors and staff. The group are using the gallery to explore how art and collections can help people learn from history to shape the future, scrutinise decision-making and encourage change. This display focuses on climate change, revealing historic and contemporary inequalities and calling for urgent collective action.⁠ The walls are painted in our ‘Tyrian’ which provide a rich yet complementary backdrop for some fascinating artworks.”

Tyrian is a colour inspired by one of the oldest pigments (made historically from sea snails). This gloriously richly coloured paint is plant based (no snails were harmed in the making of this paint!) and provides a perfect contrast colour to clean white surfaces and fixtures. 

For more information about the Climate Justice Gallery visit the Manchester Art Gallery website: https://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-and-events/exhibition/climate-justice/

For further information on how to apply to be a member of Blue Patch, apply here.

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.