Ethica Diamonds are sustainable jewellery award winners 

Ethica Diamonds are a small jewellery brand based in Cornwall. Despite being small, they are achieving great things, like their latest sustainable jewellery award. They were recently announced as the winner in the jewellery category for the third Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards.

The awards are given to brands that are sustainable and Marie Claire judges them on a number of criteria. These include transparency, climate consciousness, innovation, carbon emission reduction, environmental impact, production processes, and sustainable sourcing.

Ethica Diamonds was one of thirteen winners. They encompassed big and small businesses including Hotel Chocolat, Vinted, Whole Earth and BAM (who won two awards). 

“The brand has, over the last 12 years, displayed a commitment to staying up to date with how to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible – and, crucially, put it into action [with] recycled gold, lab-grown diamonds and more”

– Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder and CEO of By Rotation, and Sustainability Awards judge for Marie Claire.

The magazine gave five great reasons why this brand stood above the rest:

  1. Customer care

Ethica Diamonds has a five star rating with Feefo. And that’s not all. They’ve been awarded the Platinum Trusted Service Award for the last four years. Before that, they were Gold standard. 

  1. Ethical sourcing

Ethica Diamonds only works with selected suppliers. They look for suppliers that adhere to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes. They prioritise ethical accountability. They avoid conflict materials, e.g. blood diamonds.

  1. Sustainable materials

They only use lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Apart from platinum which is responsibly mined, Ethica Diamonds use 100% recycled precious metals. This means that all the materials for their jewellery are sustainable. 

  1. Community care

Ethica Diamonds supports local communities and ensures fair work practices; prohibiting child labour and providing safe working conditions. 

  1. Environmental preservation 

1% for the Planet is a scheme where businesses commit to giving 1% of their annual sales to environmental organisations. Ethica Diamonds is a member and contributes to environmental preservation. 

We think these are five great reasons for being given the sustainable jewellery award. 

Ethica Diamonds wins sustainable jewellery award

The team at Ethica Diamonds are ecstatic about winning the award. They said “Winning this award for being the most sustainable jewellery brand is a huge honour for anyone, and particularly significant right now. To be recognised as a part of the genuine sustainability movement, that is not part of the greenwashing trend, is really important as many genuinely ethical companies are finding it hard to claim such values without being accused of greenwashing. With the vigorous vetting process awards such as these have, it really helps to drill down to the companies who are genuinely doing the right thing, not just ‘talking the talk’”.

Ethica Diamonds is a small luxury sustainable jewellery brand based in Cornwall. They specialise in diamonds that are lab-grown, thus avoiding diamond mining and conflict diamonds. Their metals are recycled or responsibly mined and are sourced from reputable sources. They are also beautiful pieces of jewellery that you will want to keep forever.

For more information about how the jewellery is made or to purchase, visit the Ethica Diamonds website.

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.