Frequently Asked Questions

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Denby Pottery

Becoming a Member

What is your criteria for a business to join?

These are our criteria:

  1. Your business is based in, manufacturing or providing a service in the UK or Ireland
  2. Your products are of high quality
  3. You are committed to improving your sustainability
  4. If part of your manufacturing is international, you work with international communities in an ethical and positive way

Do I need to be based in the UK or Ireland?

Yes. You must be based in one of these two countries. If you would like to apply as a Global Impact member, please see below

My products are manufactured outside the UK or Ireland. Can I still join?

If you are a British or Irish business that manufactures outside, in order to join you need to be an impact-driven businesses who generates positive change in communities and maintains a fair and transparent supply chain

Global Impact members

We welcome Global Impact members to apply for membership. Global members must be sustainable and have a social impact. We build partnerships with artisans, communities and entrepreneurs, to join together as the world unites to fight climate change and social inequality

I’m thinking about joining. What are the membership fees?

We have two membership levels. Foundation memberships cost £120 per year, and Enterprise memberships cost £195 per year.

I’m very busy and can’t seem to find the time to upload, and I’m not very good at tech.

We can upload your microsite for a fee of £100. Please get in touch

I used to be a Blue Patch member and am considering rejoining. Will I be considered a new member?

Yes. If your membership has lapsed your microsite will be deleted. You will have to rejoin as a new member and upload your microsite again

What happens if I join and my business doesn’t meet the criteria?

We’ll refund 75% of your membership fee to cover our administration.

About Blue Patch

What kind of a business is Blue Patch?

Blue Patch is a social enterprise, limited by guarantee. All of our surplus profit goes towards supporting our members and investing in community-owned renewable energy. Read more about our ethos here

Are you B2B or B2C?

We are both. Our network of members is B2B but we also provide opportunities for B2C events and showcases

Are you e-commerce?

No we are not. We are a business directory

Do you take a commission on sales?

No commission is taken on sales made through leads from our website

What other opportunities do you offer?

Check out our retail partnerships. We seek out opportunities to benefit our members. Opportunities are shared on the Member’s Hub and via the members’ newsletter.

A detail of Blue Patch’s Member’s Hub

What is Positive Shopping?

Our publication Positive Shopping is delivered free to homes and selected venues. With a mixture of stories, interviews and a catalogue of members products Positive Shopping compliments our national campaign The Power of Positive Shopping. You can Apply to participate through the Member’s Hub. Or contact team Blue Patch at 02077387267

Patrons and Angels

If you are interested in joining Blue Patch Patrons or supporting a micro-brand to calculate their carbon footprint, please contact Margy Newens 02077387267

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