A day out: Wise Creative


MULTEMYR at The Wise Creative          Photo:Intherightlight

Thursday 29th of May and ‘The Wise Creative’ landed. Everyone climbed aboard starship ethical and off we went for an evening of glorious indulgence, accompanied by fantastic UK designed, cut, stitched, hemmed, rolled and fizzed up brands.

Rose and Helena

Rose and Helena                                                                             Photo:Intherightlight

The Wise Creative are briefly gathered under one collaborative roof at no 10A Blandford Street, London W1, a group of designers and makers who are deeply concerned that the things they make don’t come at a cost to the environment or people.

Rose Fulbright Pyjamas

Lingerie by Rose Fulbright                                                                Photo:Intherightlight

The ethics of fashion is complex and it takes someone like Helena Farstad CEO of the UK  label MULTEMYR, with her knowledge of sustainability, to work through the process of sourcing ethical raw materials, factoring the carbon footprint of each item, ensuring local production, fair pay for workers and finally ‘post use’ recycling. Helena has been working with Rose Fulbright who makes luxurious ethical undies – great to know your being angelic through and through.

Blue Patch admires ethical fashion

The Felicity Dress by MULTEMYR                                               Photo Intherightlight

The evening featured brief talks from Helena, myself and Emma Kirby from Blue Patch and Maxim from StreetHub, followed by a fashion show and a lot of bubbles – without the hangover – from event sponsors Good Shot, who got me fearlessly drinking whiskey diluted to a gently sophisticated aperitif.

Emma kirby from Blue Patch with a Good shot

Emma Kirby of Blue Patch                                                       Photo:Intherightlight  

The event was a chance to buy accessories and guests were having a wonderful time selecting from the enticing range, including imaginative and well priced jewellery from Wild Acre and Ana Verdun, deliciously soft leather bags by Susie In The Sky, lamp shades, cushions and chairs in bright fabrics by Parris Wakefield, insoles to make shoes both comfy and colourful by Alice Bow and 100% silk crepe de chine Siskin scarves and very nice cakes indeed by Wharf Road Bakery. On the catwalk cool clothing by Antithesis made an appearance too.

leather bags, uk made

Susie In The Sky                                                                            photo: In the right light

Thursday was both an informative and exhilarating evening with a great sense of collaboration between these aspirational, ethical UK brands. It’s impressive to be amongst a group of people who stand against the trend of fast and cheap, who believe their customers deserve things that will last for generations – these are indeed clothes that will be treasured by your grandchildren.

cakes by London baker

Wharf Road Bakery                                                                      Photo:Intherightlight

The Wise Creative will also help our economy, by employing highly skilled workers with a fair wage and helping to get capital flowing again in the UK. So Blue Patch wish the Wise Creative all the best in their endeavour and we look forward to following their journey.

ethical fashion UK brands

The Wise Creative pop up boutique in Marylebone                               Photo:Intherightlight

Blue Patch were proud to be supporting the event as partners and at long last have our photo taken by ‘photographers to the stars’ In the right light photography who are pioneering Blue Patch members. We’ll be profiling Alice and Anna, the women behind the cameras, finding out how they work and sharing some hot off the press news in our ‘snappy snaps’ blog. They are, apparently, producing a book; photographs of local communities and all who work in them.

The Blue Patch team

Team Blue Patch (almost all of us) from the left, Julia, Chantelle, Jane, Emma and Rachael

The Wise Creative pop up boutique in Marylebone runs until June 4th so get on down before everything gets snapped up. Cheers!

Wise creative pop up

Helena says cheers to ethical fashion                                                Photo:Intherightlight