Gift ideas for Christmas

Sometimes the holiday season goes by so fast that if you blink you might miss it. Food, family and gifts – done and dusted. 

In the UK, things are a little hazier. The holidays seem like a personal choice that work around school holidays, work schedules, the switching on of the lights on Oxford Street (for Londoners) and the 12th night.

2020 has thrown a wrench into our usual holiday plans and traditions. In light of that, here are a few gift ideas (for yourself, of course) to make this time of the year a little easier.

Comfortable clothing

Working from home has become the new normal for many, and along with that, a shift in the way we dress for work. 

Cosy but well-put-together has been the theme for many a workday. Heels have been abandoned, and makeup is sparing. Loungewear is the new workwear. PJs all day can be a thing for the daring if you switch the top out with a formal shirt for those quick zoom meetings. Be careful not to stand up if your video is on though!


Routines don’t often come easy. Going to bed on time, waking early, exercise, drinking 8 cups of water, skincare. Some people struggle with routines that seem to go pear shaped right along with those daily multivitamins.

The benefits to a good skincare routine are many. Improved skin is just the tip of the iceberg. 

A routine can be of benefit to mental health. It’s a time to slow down, empty the mind and focus only on the task of gliding scented (or unscented if you prefer) creams, lotions and serums on to the skin, being fully present in the moment.

If you’re not one to often indulge, a face mask might be the thing to try. If nothing else, it is amusing to suddenly catch sight of your own reflection.


Winter is all hot drinks, soft lighting, woolly jumpers, and thick scarves. It’s also long nights, grey weather and a general reluctance to step out of bed and into the morning chill.

Some people need an extra pick-me-up during this time of the year. Are you one of them?

Something that might brighten your evenings are candles. Soft lighting, music, glass of wine. Perfection.


Some of you might like, no, love the outdoors in the summer. Walks, runs, afternoons in the sun, evenings out with friends, late nights – bring them all on! In the winters you might hibernate and make soup and bake bread at-least 3 time a week.

You might be interested in learning something. You could try a course in woodworking from Nafisi Studio, or learning about Zero Carbon Britain from The Centre for Alternative Technology and something related to breathing and movement from Rory Lemonaid.


Are you someone who has developed a new hobby this year? Gardening perhaps? Or is this finally the year that you’ve redecorated your home?

Autumn and winter bring their particular colour to creativity with autumnal tones replaced first by christmas colours then frosted hues.

Take a look at some other options

Books and films

This time of the year is so great for books, music and films. Has your tsundoku been gathering dust? Put a dent in it. 

If you’re stuck for book recommendations try What Should I Read Next? Pop in a favourite read, press search and out comes a recommendation.

Whether you like horror, comedy, thrillers or even those unusual arty films that leave you wondering what exactly it is that you just watched, there is something for everyone. Perhaps you could work through this list of the best movies of 2020 or this list with classic suggestions. It’s an offer you really can’t refuse.

What’s on your list?