The birds, the bees and the best of the beasts.

We all know someone who is mad about animals. Horses, dogs, cats, birds, bees, otters, sheep….. the list could go on!

Here are a few ideas for animal themed christmas gifts, with even a few gifts for animals!


Birds of a feather…

1. Green & Blue, Belle Feeder £26.

Feed tits, sparrows, nuthatches and finches with fat balls, fruit and kitchen scraps!

Also makes a great venue for the World Avian Acrobatic Championships (WAAC). And the winner for the Upside Down Hanging title is………..


2. ashortwalk, Apple Feeder, £4.50.

A simple and elegant way of using unwanted food in a bird feeder made from recycled plant pots!

Just don’t hang it too low in case you have an apple obsessed dachshund like we do….




Always bee yourself, unless you can bee a flower. Bees love flowers.

3. The Soap Co, Geranium & Rhubarb Body Gift Trio, £39.

An exfoliating soap pebble, an indulgent Geranium & Rhubarb body lotion and a handmade, hand stamped and hand wrapped cold processed soap.

Every single item of their bee-friendly collection helps 10-20 bees. Want to know more?

The Soap Co.



4. beepalace, beepalace in ivy, £49.99

Solitary bees find a home in the beepalace and attract a variety of other pollinators such as butterflies, bumblebees and moths that will help bring your garden to life.

Plus, those gorgeous, bright colours are just SO much fun.



5. Seedball, Bee mix, £5.99

Bring outdoor spaces to life with a mix of five native wildflowers recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Be a friend to friendly bees. Just make sure you know how to tell the difference between a bee and a wasp.



6. Beefayre, Bee Kind Pamper Gift Box, £25

Rosemary & Neroli Hand Cream, Mango & Mint Organic Lip Balm and Rosemary & Neroli Scented Votive.

Even more proof that all good things come in threes.



7. Seascape Apothecary, Les Petits Bubble Bath, £10

Jersey honey, chamomile and lavender make for a relaxing time for the little ones!

Who doesn’t love bubbles? In the bath, floating lazily through the air, in a glass (as long as you are over the age of 18)….




It’s a dog’s day!

8. Wool Couture, Chunky Dog Bed, £79.99

If your dog likes being pampered, then a soft cosy bed might be just the thing.

It’s pretty enough to double as a rug!

Wool Couture


9. Berkeley Dog Beds, Dog Bed, £299 – £360

A hard day’s work deserves a good, solid, well-made bed for your four legged friend.

After all, tomorrow’s a whole new day to bark and chase the postman.

Berkeley Dog Beds


10. Wiff Waff Designs, Bandanas, £ 4.50

Move over, Cool Cat! Dapper Dog coming through.

Wiff Waff Designs


11. London Pooch, Banksy Tea Towel, £10

Many paws make light work.

Recruit more paws to help with the dishes. Use this nice tea towel to dry them off.

London Pooch


12. Huxley Hound, Organic Dog Treats, £3.95 – £14.

A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Is your dog #TeamParsnip, #TeamSweetPotato, #TeamBeetroot or #TeamCarrot?

Huxley Hound


Everybody wants to be a cat!

13. Browns Garden Buildings, Fitzwilliam cat kennel, £150 onwards.

Why should dogs be the only ones with kennels?

These ones are the cat’s miao!


And finally, if you’re looking for something warm and wooly for yourself, then Baa all means, click right here!

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