Global Wind Day: may the force be with you…

Save the fact that it’s been raining cats and dogs recently, we hope the weather will lift and bracing gusts of wind soar across the heavens. Putting fresh air to good purpose is one of the most energy efficient replacements to fossil fuel in the UK – wind power.

Hold on to your hats and celebrate Global Wind Day on June 15th as blades whizz round on fabulous wind turbines, extracting energy from the air and creating clean, green power.

Global Wind DayThere are some cool things about the industry:

  • Wind energy creates more than 1.5 million jobs.
  • Denmark generated 44% of its energy from wind in 2017.
  • Good old windy Britain is amongst the 10 best performing countries for wind power, with bonnie Scotland top of the class with a record-breaking output in 2018, 5 million megawatts in three months sent to the National Grid.
Hywind Scotland, Floating Turbine

Hywind, floating wind turbines, Scotland.

Offshore, Scotland is home to the world’s first floating wind farm: the 30-megawatt Hywind Scotland. Almost 80% of the of the total potential for offshore wind power is believed to be in deep waters, and Hywind Scotland demonstrates beautifully that wind technology is ready to unlock vast expanses of ocean for the generation of clean, green energy.

Thrive Renewables have been breaking ‘green ground’ for over 20 years, connecting people to sustainable energy and enabling investment in clean energy projects. This is a people-powered movement for clean, smart sustainable energy and wind plays an increasingly important and entertaining role. Watch their short documentary and get your dancing shoes on.

Naturesave are specialists in renewable energy insurance as well as ‘regular’ insurance – they insure Blue Patch too! Naturesave have introduced Climate Perks to their company, encouraging staff to swap planes for trains and enjoy slow travel.

Climate Crisis

Hang onto your hats, we’re celebrating Global Wind Day, switching the climate emergency for a clean, safe future.

Gold Patrons: Thrive Renewables and Naturesave support the annual Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards. Please Enter – it’s totally free.

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