How investing in Solar for Schools helps tackle climate change

In case you don’t already know, Blue Patch invests 100% of its surplus income into renewable energy projects. This month, we are investing in Solar for Schools by buying 500 shares. 

What is Solar for Schools?

Solar for Schools does two things for schools: they provide training on renewable energy to schools using the solar panels on the school roof. If the school has no solar panels, they provide them cost-neutral to the school. 

They use a ‘library of lessons’ for educating school pupils. These include online manuals, worksheets, and experiment kits for STEM subjects in secondary schools and relevant sustainability lessons for primary schools. Schools can also opt for optional teacher training sessions.

Solar for Schools delivers some of this training through a gaming app which is designed to engage the pupils.

“The app brings science to life in a relevant way for young people.”

Wendy Litherland, Director of Sustainability at Accrington St Christopher’s CofE High School

The full life cycle of funding, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar panels is included in the service to the school. The school also has access to the energy data. If the school already has solar panels, they can still work with Solar for Schools. 

Solar for Schools operates in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and India. They already work with over 200 schools worldwide and have saved 7,922 tonnes of CO2. 

Investing in solar power saves schools money

Schools that work with Solar for Schools can benefit from cost savings. For example with the 785 solar panels they had installed, The Hazeley Academy has a forecast for projected savings of £290,481. And they’ll save 975 tonnes of carbon emissions.

In a time of rising energy costs, any reduction is a benefit to schools and carbon reductions will help us to meet our goal of net zero in the UK. In addition to these benefits, the educational programs provide pupils with life skills that will be important in the future.

Investing in Solar for Schools

Blue Patch is investing in Solar for Schools because it is compatible with our ethos of sustainability and support for renewable energy. 

‘We invested in Solar For Schools because education is central to tackling climate change. Showing young people how renewable energy is generated can direct them towards careers in the low-carbon economy where there is a critical skills gap.’

Jane Langley, founder of Blue Patch

Solar for Schools has inspired more than 100,000 students who will go on to be consumers in later life. Knowing how solar energy works will be an advantage to them and the planet.

Backers like Blue Patch help Solar for Schools to work with more schools and educate more pupils. These projects will also help tackle climate change as more of them come online. 

The Solar for Schools bond offer is being run by our member Ethex. The bond offer VII is currently live and has reached 75% of its target of a million pounds. As with any investment, it is wise to seek independent financial advice before investing. 

To find out what’s sustainable about Blue Patch and our commitment to supporting renewable energy projects visit our commitment page.

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Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.