In conversation with Glasgow lifestyle store, Hoos

instagram cover showing Bethany the interviewer and Blue Patch intern and Karen harvey, the owner of Hoos, standing outside her shop

Hoos is a design and lifestyle store located in Glasgow’s West End.

Pop in to discover a unique curation of goods from iconic Nordic design houses to handmade, Scottish wares, as well as beautiful things from across the UK.

They love simple and functional design that stands the test of time, so each product that you purchase will become part of your personal story. Each product reflects their values and individual aesthetic, with exceptional quality and style.

Online, you will find a carefully curated selection of some of their most popular products. Larger items and furniture can be found in their Glasgow shop, as well as one-off pieces and shop exclusives. 

They aim to offer Glasgow an interesting store that is always evolving with new developments and beautiful products.

You can catch up with the conversation on IGTV here.

Here are our top 5 takeaways

  1. Karen chose the name Hoos. It’s simply just your house in Scottish, and a playful, minimal take on the word for a shop with a huge Scandi design influence.
  2. What Karen has learned about living sustainably through the years is that she values brands with timeless design because investing in items like furniture is for life. Other important things to look for is the quality of and materials used. Fair trade is important.
  3. What inspired her to become Business Angel is simply finding a young, local couple making an amazing product. She loves chocolate. After discovering them, she went over to see them and and every aspect of their business inspired her. Chatting to Jane, our Founder, it just came to her as the right thing to do – to give an opportunity to another business. She’s been very blessed so wants to give back. It’s the Power of Positive Business!
  4. Even though Hoos has an online presence, the main focus is the physical shop. If you’re a Glasgow local, Karen hand delivers orders! She gets to discover beautiful streets and areas as she does, and absolutely loves it!
  5. If she could have a magic wand, she would ask for two things.

    One, that the UK should never have left the EU because it has had a huge effect on her business. Now she has to deal with expensive custom charges, delays and higher prices. She has to often wait to order supplies until she has a bigger order together. It’s affected her ability to trade and provide good customer service .

    Two, that Hoos can carry on as it is. She would love to be able to run the shop for another 5 to 10 years and then for it to carry on through future generations.

    Would she open another shop? Definitely. In fact, Hoos has plans to open a plant and flower shop under the name Green Hoos in August or September. We think it’s perfect. Stay tuned!

Watch the replay here