In conversation with art and furniture makers Nafisi Studio

a man and woman in a galllery, dressed in white and surrounded with hand crafted wooden furniture and art works

Nafisi Studio is a British luxury bespoke art furniture and sculpture studio in Horsham run by an innovative husband and wife team. All pieces are handmade, incorporating progressive concepts with heritage craftsmanship.

Kate and Abdollah became inspired to be artists who work together in their studio, combining concepts between furniture and art while exploring innovative materials. One thing they are passionate about is #futureheritage, consciously shaping the nature of the future world by learning from and connecting to past values and practises that need to be conserved.

To their work, Abdollah brings an particular passion for quality and Kate a devotion to provenance or materials.

You can catch up with the conversation on IGTV here 

Here are our top 5 takeaways

  1. A word that repeatedly came up in conversation with Abdollah and Kate was ‘collaboration’. Whether in their connection as a couple, their joint art and design work, or even their work with other makers, there is a huge focus on combined effort, creativity and learning to achieve an incredible piece of art/sculpture that is still technically perfect.
  2. During his travels in Iran, Abdollah found inspiration from Iranian/Persian tribes and nomads travelling in the mountains. They drew inspiration from nature to produce beautiful carpets, rugs and kilims that were pure art. This made him want to create complementary pieces that would be works of art in their own right.
  3. They care about provenance. Even wood sourced from far away is special. For example, the ebony wood used in one of their sculptures would otherwise have been left to rot on the forest floor because it wasn’t pure black. Its natural, flame-like patterns were rejected by the market for aesthetic reasons. However, since resource management is a priority to them, this wood was perfect for their project. While looking around their studio, we also caught a sneak peek of a new material that they’ve co-developed using waste straw!
  4. Tucked away in their studio, you will find musical instruments! They make all the music for their videos themselves.
  5. If they could have anything, they would love it if more people would embrace slow culture. They value slowing down and not thinking too much about keeping up with latest trends etc but buying quality/long term! In fact, they hope that their creations last at-least 300 years.

What Kate and Abdollah have to say

“For us, sustainable living means building quality things that last for generations, and don’t need to be thrown away or replaced. We aim to design things that can be easily understood and repaired by future owners in 300 years time.

What we’ve learned so far on our sustainable journey is that becoming carbon zero isn’t nearly enough, especially if it comes through offsetting. We need to be actively rejuvenating the land we live on by redesigning the way we live. Its starts with silence, reflection, slower living and using less. Mediocre action leads to mediocre results.

If you’re trying to live a more sustainable life, as you go green, try to think “what can I appreciate more?” and “what hidden joy can I discover?” rather than “What am I lacking or missing out on?”

The road of change is paved with adjustments and adaptation. Only you can choose to see this as either a blessing or a sore inconvenience.”

Kate and Abdollah, Nafisi Studio

Watch the replay of our conversation with Abdollah and Kate.