Our investment in sustainability with Gower Power

Blue Patch has made an investment in sustainability with Gower Power. We invest 100% of our surplus funds into community energy projects because we believe that renewable energy is essential for the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets. 

Gower Power is a community benefit society. It supports renewable energy projects across Wales and provides community benefit initiatives. They take a three pronged approach to renewable energy. 

  • They encourage local users to switch to renewable energy.
  • They facilitate investment into renewable energy.
  • And they support local community projects with surplus funds. 

Gower Electric Company started as Gower Power and is now an independent Community Interest Company providing renewable energy to the Gower and Swansea areas in Wales. Through an Ecotricity partnership they provide 100% renewable electricity 100% of the time. Community residents who buy their energy from Gower Electric Company can have a say in how any surplus money is spent. 

Community projects that Gower Power has supported include

  • supporting five local schools with a food growing initiative,
  • providing a grant for Gower Heritage Centre to install an EV point,
  • funding for a sustainable schools education officer,
  • funding support for those on benefits to learn how to cook and eat healthy meals on a budget, 
  • community gardens, 
  • fundraising to feed health workers, 
  • teaching sustainable building skills and more. 

Investment in Sustainability

The Gower Power share offer is now open. Individuals can invest from as little as £250 up to £100,000 to help build a community owned 5 megawatt ground mounted solar farm generating 4.8 gigawatts per year. Brynwhilach Solar Farm will produce enough clean energy to power over 1,650 homes and will save over 45,000 tonnes of Co2 over its lifespan. 

The solar farm is also expected to raise over £2.7m in community funding over the next 25 years. This money will be used for more renewable energy projects, nature oriented health and wellbeing initiatives and the creation of ecologically sensitive food supply chains. 

“Gower Power started in my living room with a few friends discussing environmental and social issues. In the 10 years since then we’ve developed some of Wales’ most exciting community projects, including its first community-owned solar farm, a pioneering local electricity tariff, and a sector-leading Community Supported Agriculture scheme. Now we are inviting local people to join us and bring Brynwhilach solar farm into community ownership so we can continue delivering pioneering projects for many years to come.”

Ant Flanagan, Gower Power Director and Co-Founder

The scheme will help Wales’ transition to a low carbon future. The offer is being run by Blue Patch member Ethex and is already 96% funded. It ends on 10 November. Investments are high-risk and you should always seek financial advice before investing. 

Gower Power has run offers before and they have funded over £2m of renewable energy projects. They have also raised over £3.7m in community funding. This is an amazing amount to raise for local communities. We are inspired by projects like this that can make a difference in their local communities. We look forward to seeing what Gower Power does next. 

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.