Making waves: British brands creating cool things from recycled marine plastic

A few days ago American Express announced a complete revamp of its classic Green Card.

Following a long list of the benefits of owning an Amex Green card comes the revelation that the card is designed using reclaimed ocean plastic collected from beaches by Parlay for the Oceans.

Coca Cola too has been in the news recently for revealing a line of bottles made from ocean plastics.

Recycled bottles have been around for a few years. Two years ago, Ecover launched their 50% Ocean  plastic and 50% recycled plastic bottle. Around the same time, a few other big companies also made limited runs of bottles made from ocean plastic.

All of this piqued our curiosity about the cool things that sustainable British entrepreneurs and innovators are doing with ocean plastics.

Recycled bottles are cool and all, but all of these? Way cooler!

1. Kayaks

Shortlisted for the Circular Economy award in the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards 2019, Odyssey Innovation is the creator of the world’s only recycled marine plastic kayak. How awesome is that?

Odyssey Innovation

2. Clothing.

Econyl Yarn, a regenerated nylon yarn made from spent ghost fishing nets has been used to create swimwear and dance wear.

You will be spoilt for choice with the likes of British ethical swimwear brands DavyJ, (shortlist Circular Economy 2018) Deakin & Blue, (winner Sustainable Innovation 2018) Menestho (shortlist Circular Economy 2019) and Stay Wild Swim among others creating a splash.

For dancers, the Dans-ez 2019 planet friendly range is the place to go.

Davy J

3. Speakers

Made from plastic collected from the seafront as well as local businesses, the plastic components of each Gomi speaker can be melted down at the end of the speaker’s life to make new products.

The only downside? They all seem to be sold out…..


4. iPhone cases

Calling all iPhone lovers. Did you just upgrade to an iPhone 11, 11 pro or even an X or XS??

Ocean 75 have made a range of phone cases with over 90% plastic from recovered fishing nets to protect your new toy.

Orange you glad you found them? There are other colours too.

Ocean 75

5. Cycling Helmets

Cyclists need to keep one eye on Cyclo Technologies‘ helmet made from recycled ocean plastic.

Its honeycomb structure will offer improved protection as compared to traditional designs and it’ll fit in your bag.

Available for preorder now.

Do you have any favourite British businesses making cool things from ocean plastics? We’d love to hear about them!

Preeti is the Marketing Manager at Blue Patch. Born and raised in India, she spent some time in the US, completing a degree in Psychology and Biology, after which she moved to the UK in 2010 to study an MSc in Finance and Management. She can often be found obsessing over her plants, trying to clamp down on an ever-increasing collection of nail polish or exploring and taking photos of random corners of London. She loves hearing about innovative tech or ideas, particularly when it is part of the solution to problems that plague the world. 

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