Manchester Art Gallery hosts the Blue Patch Eco-shop

If you are looking to do a spot of sustainable UK shopping, a new collaborative partnership between Manchester’s historic Art Gallery and Blue Patch, a national social enterprise, is enabling sustainable local brands to sell products through the museum’s online shop. The Positive Shopping campaign is providing essential support during the pandemic both for UK SMEs, the local economy and the museum.

Positive Shopping

Blue Patch, a pioneering social enterprise that launched in 2014 and uses 100% of its profit to fund community owned green energy projects, showcases small businesses on their directory The eco-store is part of The Power of Positive Shopping campaign! Positive Shopping had been ready to hit the streets with 100 members on show in London Bridge Station, when covid struck. Postponing four major public events in 2020, Blue Patch are raring to get out to meet the public, just as soon as the UK is out of lockdown.

The covid-effect

Blue Patch were to create a ‘walk in store and sustainability experience’ at the museum when covid struck. The museum suggested the online collaboration as a stop gap solution. 

The collaboration has enabled a double benefit, providing an ecommerce outlet and access to customers for some of the UK’s most talented makers and designers whilst also supporting the museum during the pandemic.

Sustainable brands for every pocket

There are products, to fit all pockets, from designer furniture to stocking fillers. Katie Walker’s Weight and See mirrors – her Ribbon Chair in the museum’s collection! The famous Sussex Chair, crafted by Kate and Abdollah Nafisi from Nafisi Studio. Abdollah was last seen winning over viewers on the BBC’s ‘Victorian Arts and Crafts House’ series. Plastic-free shampoo by Kind2, seductive nightwear, tailored by Rose Fulbright, colourful umbrellas made in London’s East End by James Ince, keeping people dry since 1805, and plastic-free kids construction kits by  PLYable and Play Press. When the winter chill bites, snuggle into wonderful soft scarves and blankets woven in Cumbria by Laura’s Loom. Hats and hotties, aprons, jewellery and perfume. New brands will be added over time, reflecting the season. 

Manchester Art Gallery is very happy to be hosting Blue Patch at the gallery, as part of our drive to support a more sustainable and ethical economy and switch to an ecologically sound way of life. The gallery has always had a role as a kind of ‘regulator valve’ as Manchester has grown from a town to a super city, championing the role of both ethics and aesthetics in the development of a healthy society. Manchester has set a zero carbon target for 2038 and this project underlines our commitment to achieving this goal, and at the same time supports the growth of community owned green energy across the land.” 

Alistair Hudson, Director
The neo classical facade of Manchester Art Gallery, main entrance with people walking past. The Power of positive shopping initiative supports the museum through the Blue Patch eco-store
Manchester Art Gallery. Photo by Andrew Brooks