Our Patrons

Meet our fantastic patrons; businesses and individuals who are supporting Blue Patch, a national social enterprise. Through their help we run our annual sustainable business awards and build strong networks between communities and sustainable business.

Thrive Renewables : Gold Patron

“Thrive Renewables exists to connect people to clean energy projects, providing a rewarding relationship with the UK’s transition to a cleaner, smarter energy system. We identify with Blue Patch’s mission to connect up vibrant, sustainable businesses across the country. We are both raising consciousness and empowering a growing community of individuals to bring about change.” Matthew Clayton, Managing Director.

Naturesave Insurance : Gold Patron

“Naturesave’s ethos is to use insurance to promote sustainability, so we are delighted with our Blue Patch partnership and hope that we can help their community of creative businesses become even more sustainable” Matthew Criddle, Managing Director.

Hamptons : Silver Patron

Hamptons, established in 1869, is the latest Blue Patch Patron. We’re delighted to see their commitment to minimising their impact on the environment, creating an office culture that’s forward looking. ‘We’re committed to making ourselves a positive and integral part of the communities that we live amongst. Minimising our environmental impact is at the heart of that commitment. From small gestures like letting anyone refill their water bottle in our branches to turning up by the minibus-load to clean up beaches and planting 150 trees to commemorate our 150 years. Together we can make a difference.’

British Recycled Plastic : Silver Patron

“British Recycled Plastic offer a range of high quality 100% recycled plastic landscaping, construction products and outdoor furniture. An environmentally conscious company, we’re driven by the desire to create new products and markets for plastic waste, saving it from landfill. We positively influence local employment and the impact on our environment so we are very pleased to support Blue Patch in their mission to build a sustainable business community.” Jason Elliott, Managing Director.

Would you like to find out about joining patrons? We’d be delighted to send you information. Please email Margy Newens joinus@bluepatch.org or call +44 (0)2077387267