Nature Wall; Artists Open House: Dulwich Festival

Blue Patch Collective at Oru Space

We’re inviting you to Oru Space for our exhibition Nature Wall, part of the Artists Open House, celebrating the Dulwich Festival.

Come and view drawings, prints and photographs by the Blue Patch Collective at the wonderful Oru, soak up the lively atmosphere and enjoy a great meal too.

The Oru buzz

Oru is our favourite hang-out, the food really is fantastic, congrats to the chef! We also love the buzz; Oru provides an instant energy fix.

The name, Oru, is derived from Tamil meaning ‘For One’, the word embodies who we are and our beliefs. Community is at the heart of everything we do and each of the industries we work within. Whether it’s through co-working, hospitality or wellbeing, we believe bringing people together and supporting one another creates change – an inter-connected foundation from which social impact can flourish.

For people running a business Oru offers a vibrant and creative network. Upstairs you’ll find a couple of floors of airy co-working and stand alone office spaces and above them, a roof garden!

On the ground floor is a cafe serving healthy, tasty food and great coffee.

A studio at the back of the building offers classes such as yoga and meditation… it’s a really good idea because wellbeing contributes to our ability to function at an optimum.

Art and nature, Dulwich Artists Open House

There is a members’ room too, pop in over the course of the Artists Open House and this is where you’ll find Blue Patch’s Nature Wall.

The exhibition includes photographs by Jim Washburn taken in Kew Gardens and around Dulwich Park, landscapes ‘in motion’ captured through the window of a train, by Carolyn Blake, haunting, symbolic prints of paintings by Oliver Gosling, intaglio prints exploring biodiversity by Finlay Taylor and still live paintings of flowers by Janet Tod.

A south London Oasis

The show is called Nature Wall not just because the artists are exploring nature, but you’ll also spot a garden set behind a glass wall that runs the length of the Members’ Room. This little oasis has been attracting London wildlife, even birds have been taking up residence. This idea of the Oasis really reflects Oru’s ethos, as a social enterprise they have created a really special place to work, relax and socialise.

Oru’s organisational purpose is to provide extraordinarily designed spaces that attract individuals and organisations who ‘care’, combining ‘profit’ with ‘purpose’. By committing to the development of innovative infrastructure, we are creating alternate and exciting ways of living and working within urban environments. We believe by creating these spaces we encourage wellbeing and a shared sense of purpose and care for the environment and our community. 

Nature Wall is in the Oru Space Member’s Room

13th-14th + 20th-21st May 2023 until 4pm.


20-22 Lordship Lane, SE22 8HN