Net Zero carbon reduction programme

Meeting the terms of the Climate Change Act (UK 2008) is a pressing task. For the UK to reach net zero targets by 2050 we must reduce emissions by 50% by 2030; between 5% and 8% per year, to meet the terms of the Act and safeguard against tipping points for ecological collapse.

In 2018 we realised that small businesses were in danger of being left out of the net zero auditing process.

Using the Compare Your Footprint carbon calculator, we created a short course that’s easy to follow for micro-enterprises and SMEs.

The programme

Blue Patch’s LET’S DO NET ZER0 programme helps businesses to audit and reduce their carbon footprint. The purpose of the course is to work towards net zero by setting a baseline year, understanding emission ‘hot spots’ and identifying ways to reduce carbon usage.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for all sizes of businesses; home-based and micro-enterprises to SMEs.

How does it work?

Our ‘bite-sized’ audio guides myth-bust complex terms. The guides are designed for busy business owners, enabling them to set the pace and replay the audio guides any time.

The audio guides are complemented by online workshops, providing specialist help and a supportive peer group.

Blue Patch's lets do net zero logo

Programme content

  1. Understanding the basics: What’s causing climate change, what are the UK’s reduction targets and why we need to audit and reduce emissions. Understanding terms such as scopes and baseline year.
  2. Exploring a carbon calculator + How to add scope 1 and 2 data: an accessible, annotated tour of how to enter usage data into a carbon calculator*.
  3. Creating and reading reports: It’s a breakthrough moment when the carbon calculator transforms usage data into scopes 1 and 2 reports.
  4. Exploring scope 3: This workshop introduces scope 3, including ‘upstream and downstream’ emissions.
  5. Creating an environmental strategy page for your website: How to communicate your strategy, targets and outcomes in a transparent and accessible way.

*We use Compare Your Footprint carbon footprint calculation software.

Sharing environmental impact achievements

Blue Patch micro-sites incorporate Environmental Impact ‘buttons’ so members can link to reports. Our website provides further information on ways to reduce carbon, recycle and reuse waste and support biodiversity.

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