Non toxic spring cleaning

It’s astonishing how many cleaning products contain toxins. Luckily we have some amazing Blue Patch members who produce cleaning products that are eco-friendly for your non-toxic spring cleaning. 

The days are brighter and it is time to consider spring cleaning our homes in readiness for summer days. This is often the time when we look at our homes & spend time freshening them up. Here are ten spring cleaning tasks that are made easier with the right products:

  1. Carpets

Carpets need a deep clean at least once or twice a year and spring is the perfect time to do this. Delphis Eco makes a multi-purpose cleaner that is safe to use on nylon or wool carpets and rugs. The concentrate is supplied in a refillable container. Genesis Biosciences Evogen Professional range includes a carpet and upholstery stain remover and a carpet and upholstery shampoo concentrate. They also make a fantastic odour neutraliser that is a lifesaver if you have pets. 

Genesis Biosciences Evogen range
Genesis Biosciences Evogen range
  1. Floors

Floors need regular cleaning, but spring is a good time to give them an extra clean. Move furniture, for example the fridge or washing machine, and clean the floor beneath it. Bio-D makes a floor cleaner and a home and garden cleaner that are both ideal for hard surfaces. Delphis Eco makes a floor and surface lemon gel cleaner that is also a degreaser. 

  1. Furniture

Wipe down furniture with a general purpose or antibacterial and then polish it. Suitable general purpose cleaners are available from all the suppliers. Wooden furniture can be polished with Bio-D’s furniture polish that will nourish the wood. Delphis Eco makes a multi purpose polish for hard surfaces, a glass and stainless steel cleaner, and a specialist metal polish. 

  1. Windows

Cleaning windows is another regular task, but one that makes all the difference once spring arrives and the sun shines. Delphis Eco makes a glass and stainless steel cleaner and Bio-D has a glass and mirror spray. 

Delphis Eco kitchen cleaners
Delphis Eco kitchen cleaners
  1. Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is one of our least favourite tasks. Kitchen cleaners are potent chemicals making this a difficult task if you want non-toxic spring cleaning. This is because of the build-up of grease on surfaces in the kitchen, which can be difficult to wipe away. There are some brilliant products that can make this task easier. The Evogen Professional general purpose bio cleaner and grease drain line products are great for kitchens. Delphis Eco also makes a heavy duty degreaser and a drain cleaner. 

  1. Oven

If cleaning the kitchen is unpopular, cleaning the oven is probably worse. This is where specialist cleaning products are required. Delphis Eco makes a ceramic and induction hob cleaner that’s ideal. 

  1. Dishes

Doing the dishes is a daily task and finding a washing up liquid or dishwasher tablets that are eco-friendly is getting easier. Delphis Eco makes home and commercial washing up liquid.  

Bio-D makes a dish wash bar, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, and a dishwasher rinse. 

Bio-D laundry liquids and home cleaning, vegan
Bio-D laundry liquids
  1. Bed Linen

Now that warmer and sunnier days are here, we can put our washing out on the wash line in the sun instead of having to use a tumble dryer. This makes spring a good time to wash spare bed linen. Bio-D makes a non bio laundry liquid, laundry and stain remover bar, concentrated washing powder, nappy fresh, and a fabric conditioner – all you need for a spring wash. Delphis Eco makes non bio washing powder. 

  1. Bathroom

Limescale and residues from household items like soap and toothpaste make bathroom cleaning a chore. Cleaning limescale from showers and taps can be difficult unless using a cleaner made for the job. Delphis Eco makes a toilet and limescale cleaner, a general bathroom cleaner, a specialist limescale remover, shower cleaner, and a non scratch cream cleaner that can all be used in the bathroom. Bio-D makes a bathroom cleaner, a specialist limescale remover, and a toilet cleaner. Both companies also make hand wash. Evogen Professional makes descale and clean, a toilet and urinal cleaner and urinal cubes. 

  1. Garden

Don’t forget outdoors when spring cleaning. You might be dusting off garden furniture and the BBQ for the first time in months. Now is also the time to clean the patio and paths. Evogen Professional makes an exterior hard surface cleaner concentrate. Delphis Eco makes a patio and stone cleaner and a BBQ bundle of cleaners. Bio-D makes a general home and garden cleaner. 

Now that your home is bright and clean, you might want to think about introducing a lovely scent like a Bath House room diffuser or a 4160 Tuesdays room spray.

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