Non toxic toys for Christmas

We thought we would follow up on our recent post about plastic tat with a roundup of the wonderful non toxic toys produced by the Blue Patch sustainable business community. 

Children’s toys are not always non-toxic. In 2021, the Denmark Technical Unit (BTU) did a study for UNEP on children’s toys and found that of the 419 chemicals that were present in the plastic toys, 126 had the potential for harm. Children’s toys are not labelled with the chemicals used, so it is difficult to know which toys are safe. Small children might inhale or ingest the harmful chemicals while playing with toys, or being in the same room as them. 

This doesn’t mean that your children have to live without toys. There are many alternative materials to plastic that are non-toxic. 

The best non toxic toys for baby & child

Playpress Toys produces playsets that are printed with safe water based inks onto FSC board. The playsets feature many TV favourites like the Gruffalo and Shaun the Sheep. Sets also feature Santa, farm animals, dinosaurs, pirates, vets, rescue crews and space. The recently launched RSPB bird sets have zero waste packaging. 

Love Heartwood makes toys out of sustainably sourced wood including spinning tops, baby rattles, peg dolls, cars, ball and cup, and skittles. Spinning tops can be purchased with a base that keeps them spinning in place. Gifts can be personalised too. 

Plyable Design makes clever toys out of sheet plywood. They make a rocking horse called Rokable, articulated safari animals, formula one cars and combi vans, mobile storage. Work in progress includes a scooter/skateboard design. 

Tutti Frutti Clothing has a range of gender neutral, colourful and fun handmade clothing. In store they also sell sustainable toys and books. From a snuggly elephant and yoyo to a rainbow abacus and stacking blocks, there is something for every budget.

For the keen gardener, a Kabloom biodegradable ‘seedbom’ is a fun way to sow some bee-friendly or butterfly friendly flowers in the garden. Kabloom has a ‘Shrew with the Flu’ seedbom gift set. Other book & seedbom gift sets include Finn’s Garden Friends, Mia Makes A Meadow and There’s A Tiger In The Garden. 

Pip & Henry make wonderful shoes out of non-toxic and sustainable materials that any child would love. They also write story books featuring Pip & Henry and their adventures. There are book & shoe gift sets that would be perfect for an eco-conscious Christmas gift. 

Eco Action Games makes board games, card games and compendiums with eco themes like water and energy. The products are made from recycled card, Kavalan (a PVC free material) and FSC card. Card games are suitable for adults and children and teach concepts like net zero. 

Dalston Dolls are handmade dolls. Made from natural materials like cotton and wool with clothes made from recycled or waste fabrics and cashmere. The dolls are diverse and inclusive. Dalston Dolls run workshops to learn how to make your own doll. This would make a perfect gift for mum (or dad) to make a special doll for a child. 

Christmas can still be fun in a sustainable household with non-toxic toys and gifts that you know will be safe for your little ones to play with. 

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.