Now introducing Blue Patch 2.0

Photo of people's hands holding glasses of wine and clinking glasses in celebration

We’ve got exciting news.

For several months now we’ve been working on a complete revamp of the Blue Patch website. Finally, we’re excited to introduce you to the new and improved Blue Patch, a directory connecting sustainable makers and service providers across the UK and Ireland.

It’s been a challenging season. Business owners, you’ll understand exactly what we mean – you’ve been there.

During lockdown, however, we watched communities reclaim their high streets with the triggering of a ‘work-from-home’ lifestyle revolution. This became a brilliant opportunity for local shops when they were able to open, but a lost opportunity for workshops, factories and home-based offices which often sit tucked away and out of sight. It’s not just passing trade they miss out on. For many of these businesses their ‘high street’ is virtual where they exist nestled between brands with olympian marketing budgets. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to discover and support these businesses?

Our new directory features both makers and service providers, allowing people to discover and connect with outstanding sustainable businesses. This will also help to keep  money within local communities as well as cut carbon miles. 

Browse our directory for inspiration and buy directly from our members and their official stockists. We charge no commission on sales made this way.

You’ll find handcrafted furniture, plastic-free paint, heritage ceramics, ethical fashion, ecological cleaning products and courses ranging from sustainability to seasonal cooking. There are also insurance, logistics, construction, investing and energy experts on board. All of our members care about their communities and are actively doing their part to be kinder to the planet and contribute to the green economy.

‘Our mission is connecting extraordinary, green businesses to customers and each other. Blue Patch wants to support the new green economy by helping our sustainable members to trade. We know that both the planet and people will benefit from the skills, knowledge and dedication of our business members as we build a caring, conscious economy and a future worth reaching for.’ Jane Langley, CEO of Blue Patch.

We need to change the way we consume and bring forward the new green economy. 

Our vision for the future of the economy is vibrant, prosperous and green. Join us and be a part of it, or simply browse and enjoy the wealth of principled local businesses and sustainable creativity near you.