Why I do what I do: NomNom skincare

Meet Jayne Russell of Nom Nom Skincare – award winning, Soil Association certified organic skincare for pregnancy, baby and beyond. Jayne’s luxurious and ethical skin treatments contain high levels of natural, nourishing plant-based ingredients. Not just skin deep even Nom Nom’s packaging is biodegradable and recyclable – protecting baby, mum and planet.

organic skincare for pregnancy and babies

Jayne Russell of Nom Nom Skincare

Why I do what I do:

The range was developed out of my twenty years as a pre and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist. These two disciplines have always gone hand in hand in my treatments to provide care from both inside and outside, and what we use on our skin is an important part of that. I became aware that skincare products often contain potentially irritating and harmful chemicals and there was also confusion over which products were truly natural and organic. As these are especially important considerations for expectant mums and delicate baby skin, I wanted to make things clearer by developing a gentle, effective, certified organic range and worked with feedback from hundreds of new and expectant mums to create Nom Nom. To share my therapist expertise and our ethos of Without Within, the range is complimented by massage, nutrition and skincare advice to enhance the benefits of the range.

Where I do it:

Everything is handmade in Crystal Palace, London. An annual inspection from the Soil Association ensures complete traceability of ingredients and sustainable practice giving that all-important assurance to customers. I love where we live. There’s a great community feel here, a beautiful park with iconic historical dinosaur statues and fantastic views into the city. We also have a wonderful transition town movement encouraging sustainability through an award winning independent market and promoting local shopping, community gardens and support for local craftspeople. Having provided pregnancy massage and baby massage classes in the area for fifteen years it has been a pleasure to watch many local families grow.

What drives me on:

With my background as a therapist, my motivation is always to improve wellbeing in any way I can. Positive feedback and testimonials from customers about the benefits of using the products for cradle cap, sensitive or irritated skin or during pregnancy and labour, along with repeat orders are so encouraging. I am especially motivated by the desire to spread the word about massage, nutrition, skin care and sustainability for mums and babies to a wider audience, promoting a healthy beginning in life and a healthy planet.

Certified organic skincare for pregnancy, baby and beyond.

What I’m working on:

I’m currently focused on increasing the reach of Nom Nom through retail stockists and pre and postnatal therapists, teachers, midwives and mum and baby services. We are now stocked in Whole Foods Market and our international stockist list is also growing, so the message of Nom Nom is spreading! In my head I’m always thinking of new products and formulations and I look forward to creating the time to expand the range and make this a reality.

Sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials.


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