Blue Patch’s commitment to sustainability

Margy Newens mopping solar panels on the roof of St Christopher's hospice, London.
Margy Newens cleaning solar panels installed by SE24 Sustainable Energy on St Cristopher’s Hospice.

The Positive Fund

We want to do something practical about climate change, so we’ve made Blue Patch a very different kind of business network – one which brings our shared passion for sustainability and the circular economy to a growing customer base. Through our Let’s do net zero workshops we are supporting our members’ journeys towards net zero; and we are investing our surplus income in community-owned renewable energy projects. Blue Patch is 100% for the planet!

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All across the UK and Ireland local people are joining forces to generate renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Community Energy companies are installing solar panels, ground source heat pumps, insulation and other carbon saving technologies in local buildings. 

How it works

renewable energy solar panels on a roof, with a blue sky and orange flowers
Energy Garden, London

The Positive Fund pools 100% of Blue Patch’s surplus income* with 2.5% from every membership subscription to invest in Community Energy projects across the UK and Ireland.

So our clean energy investment grows with every member and customer of the Blue Patch collective!

What we’ve achieved so far

In 2019 we made our very first investment – it was a fantastic moment! Since then we have continued to invest:

What happens to the income generated by these investments?

Investing in community-owned renewable energy is not a path to untold riches. It is a way to support local groups that are taking the lead in clean energy generation and carbon saving. These projects are run efficiently by dedicated people and may, in time, deliver dividends which are reinvested in providing free training to Blue Patch members on carbon reduction, circularity and waste reduction.

So the Positive Fund is a continuous cycle of benefit working towards Net Zero emissions.

Asset Locked Social Enterprise

Over time, the principal sums (the money we initially invested) return to the Blue Patch Positive Fund and are reinvested in carbon saving training for our members or more community energy projects. The asset lock on our company (we’re Limited by Guarantee) protects our 100% for the planet objective.

If you run or would like to develop a sustainable brand, we would love you to join us, helping us grow the Positive Fund one small step at a time.

“We’re so pleased that Blue Patch has become an institutional investor member of Low Carbon Hub. Social enterprises supporting each other, both socially and financially, is crucial for the creation and development of community energy projects nationally. The climate emergency is a global crisis that needs local solutions. By investing in our Community Energy Fund, Blue Patch is part of the change toward a greener, fairer energy system.”

Dr Barbara Hammond MBE, CEO, Low Carbon Hub
three trades people in high vis and hard hats, kneeling on a roof, with solar panels, showing Blue Patch's commitment to sustainable investments and fighting climate change.
Low Carbon Hub

Our surplus income flows around not up and out! It’s a bit like the hydrologic cycle. Money, like water, keeps circulating and sustaining good things. By supporting local enterprises that benefit the environment, we all become richer.

Jane Langley, Founder, Blue Patch
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*Surplus income after business costs, for example hosting and maintaining the Blue Patch website, team wages and UK tax.

Read Blue Patch’s Environmental Statement.

Guiding principles

Blue Patch’s Guiding principles shows an infographic of the Blue Patch business model, illustrating the conceptual framework.

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