What’s sustainable about Blue Patch?

three trades people in high vis, kneeling on a roof, with solar panels on it.
Low Carbon Hub

What is our business structure?

Blue Patch is set up as a social enterprise, limited by guarantee.

Our members pay an annual subscription fee which is used to run the directory, pay wages and operations costs. We pay UK tax.

What do we do with our surplus income?

We invest it in community-owned renewable energy projects.

In 2019 we made our very first investment of 300 shares in Brighton Energy Cooperative’s Solar Schools. In 2020 we bought 250 shares in Low Carbon Hub, Oxfordshire.

Our profit flows out not up – we support local enterprises that benefit both community and the environment.

“We’re so pleased that Blue Patch has become an institutional investor member of Low Carbon Hub. Social enterprises supporting each other, both socially and financially, is going to be crucial for the creation and development of community energy projects on a national level. The climate emergency is a global crisis that needs local solutions. By investing in our Community Energy Fund, Blue Patch are part of the change toward a greener, fairer energy system.”

Dr Barbara Hammond MBE, CEO, Low Carbon Hub

What’s circular about it?

You may be wondering what happens to our returns on investments (ROI).

That’s the circular bit.

When the income re-enters Blue Patch, we make good use of it by creating a dynamic new campaign to promote sustainable business. With every cycle we’re making fossil fuels history!

You can help us tackle climate change

We buy shares to celebrate businesses joining or renewing membership – the ratio of clean energy to fossil fuel grows with every member of the collective! Join Blue Patch in the Race to Zero, you can read more in our Environmental Statement

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