Our Events

Here is a snapshot of some of what we’ve done and achieved over the past six years.

Our very first major event, and the first of our department stores

Britain’s First Sustainable Department Store for a Day in 2016, Dulwich, London

Since then we’ve had two sustainable department store popups

Take a look at the Blue Patch Eco Shop.

“Manchester Art Gallery is very happy to be hosting Blue Patch at the gallery, as part of our drive to support a more sustainable and ethical economy and switch to an ecologically sound way of life. The gallery has always had a role as a kind of ‘regulator valve’ as Manchester has grown from a town to a super city, championing the role of both ethics and aesthetics in the development of a healthy society. Manchester has set a zero carbon target for 2038 and this project underlines our commitment to achieving this goal, and at the same time supports the growth of community owned green energy across the land.”

Alistair Hudson, Director, Manchester Art Gallery

We’re on the 5th year of the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards

These awards were launched in 2016 as a way to to recognise high quality design and genuine, innovative, sustainable approaches to ethical business. On their 5th year now, the number of categories has grown from one to eight, with some outstanding businesses every year.

We published the first edition of our magazine in 2019.

We’ve been a part of London Design Fair since 2017

We invest in renewables

We work with community owned social enterprises, coops and CICs to fund clean energy, respond to the climate emergency and stimulate green jobs in a practical way.

So far, we’ve invested in Brighton Energy Cooperative Solar Schools and Low Carbon Hub, Oxfordshire, Egni in Swansea, The Glasgow Energy Coop, SE24 Sustainable Energy and Energy Garden, London. Learn more.

These are only the highlights

In the past ten years we’ve had thousands of conversations with small business owners about the challenges faced by small businesses, sustainability, the economy, business and marketing strategy, the future of the high street, potential collaborations and more. We’ve held workshops and networking events,

We wouldn’t call ourselves experts by any means, but we’re working on it.

Supporting the green economy

We’ve exciting partnerships, bringing our members to new audiences. Our mission is to raise the profile of sustainable British and Irish businesses. We started 2021 by launching this new website. Positive Shopping our Blue Patch catalogue will expand its circulation to 20,000 + homes, and we’re resuming projects postponed due to covid, including installations in London Bridge Station, Manchester Art Gallery and Brantwood in Cumbria.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Cover photo ‘Lenny’ based at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint.