Plas-tastico! Celebrating #CEWeekLDN

Circular Economy Week, London
18th – 22nd June 2018
A week of events, activities and workshops to celebrate circularity in the capital

We’re celebrating Circular Economy Week, London, an initiative by our friends at LWARB and Advance London with a lightening tour of Blue Patch members who lead the way in circular thinking by tackling ‘the demon plastic’!

Wyatt & Jack

If you’re feeling fuzzy about the term circular economy, Liz Goodwin OBE, Chair of LWARB, explains ‘The circular economy is one which keeps products, components and materials at their highest use and value at all times’.

Have a read of the Circular Economy Route Map, Blue Patch use this document to facilitate waste-saving collaborations, it’s clearly written and gets the grey matter going.

For more information on the circular economy visit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Now for a ’round’ of shopping…



Circular swimming

Take a holiday….here’s a stunning example of circular innovation by Davy J. ‘The Waste Collection’ is developed using ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn from waste including spent and ghost fishing nets. An average of 640,000 tons of fishing nets are left in the oceans every year (1/10 of all marine litter). For every ton of waste nets collected there is enough nylon regenerated to create more than 10,000 swimsuits. Dive in and invest in your own zero to landfill costume!

Wyatt and Jack

Wyatt & Jack

Don’t forget a beach bag!

Wyatt & Jack makes fun bags for fun loving people, using anything they can get their hands on, from bouncy castles to deckchairs.

Bio-D refillable UK made laundry liquid

The tremendous people who make Bio-D

Refill not landfill

It’s easy to refill plastic containers so we’ve featured Bio D, who manufacture environmentally responsible washing products in Hull.

Bio D

The filling station in Hove

Kernel of Hove stock refills in a range of Bio-D products. Louise, the store owner says “Living so close to the sea I appreciate the impact of plastic pollution, often picking up bottles from the beach! Our customers love our Bio-D refill station and we have a customer that has one of the original bio d laundry liquid that has been refilled numerous times. Also our wholesaler Infinity Foods takes back the empty container and returns it to Bio-D to be used again!” At Blue Patch HQ we’ve refilled the same Bio-D container for 3 years!

Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco

Another sparkling example of circular innovation, Delphis Eco use the UK’s first post-use 100% recycled HDPE plastic ‘beyond the bottle’ containers.

Ellen Pear Pod


Lemon drops

Moving on to Pearpod  Ellen works mainly with willow, however here she’s utilising waste industrial plastics and netting, somewhere for the kids to hang out at festivals!

British Recycled Plastics

British Recycled Plastic

Practical plastics

One company that’s making a radical impact on our plastics to landfill footprint is British Recycled Plastic, from parks to schools and shopping centres, you may not notice them because they are everywhere, and doing a great job too!

remarkable recycled plastic notebooks


All this circular economy information requires you take notes, so here’s a way to close the loop. This notebook by remarkable is made from recycled paper and coffee cups. They do pens too!



Cheer up your takeaway with Keepcup UK happily circulating caffeine through your nervous system. We never leave Blue Patch HQ without them!


ashortwalk are feeding the birds

Plas-tasticly glamorous

A vision to ’round off’ our circular economy blog,  jewellery by Atelier19  constructed from mini CDs and an assortment of ‘recovered’ plastic bits and bobs. Inspired!

Circular economy week, Blue Patch, London

Atelier19, Cheltenham

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