Plastic free packaging

Plastic waste is high on the sustainability agenda at the moment. With COP26 just ended in the UK, there is a media focus on legislation that will help make change happen. The big issue with plastic packaging is the sheer quantity that is produced and the longevity of plastic waste.  Find out about the ingenious plastic free packaging solutions our members use in their business. 

Why is plastic free packaging important? 

We produce a lot of plastic, between 20 and 29 kilos per person in the UK (Plastic Atlas, 2016). The vast majority of this plastic is single use. You may be familiar with the packaging around your food that cannot be put in the recycling bin. In addition, plastic packaging takes longer to break down in waste recycling than other materials. Some of it doesn’t end up in the bin at all, it gets flushed or dropped in parks, rivers and at the beach. Plastic waste is building up to be a big problem, especially in our oceans.

As consumers, we can opt for products with eco-friendly packaging. As businesses, we can investigate ways to reduce plastic in our products and packaging.  

Plastic free packaging ideas

Our members are endlessly ingenious when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. They are passionate about making sure that every aspect of their business is carefully considered, so that they are contributing as little as possible to plastic waste. Here are a few eco-friendly packaging ideas that they use. 

Plastic free packaging for food

Packaging for food is the bane of your life if you are environmentally conscious. There is such a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging around food items. It is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste and also one of the hardest to eliminate if you run a busy household, but it can be done. 

Plastic free packaging for toilet rolls

Nova UK is a family run paper paper converter that produces toilet tissue made from responsibly sourced trees. This is then wrapped in a plastic-free packaging that is 100% compostable. 

Biodegradable food packaging

Nemiteas is an organic tea company that produces loose leaf tea and tea bags in biodegradable mesh bags made from polylactic acid and starch. They then pack the tea into plastic free packaging that can be added to your home compost and is marine degradable. 

Soap plastic free packaging 

Kind2 produces solid shampoo and conditioner bars. As well as being vegan, palm free and made from natural ingredients, Kind2 decided to wrap their products in paper. Not just any old paper, they have made sure that the paper they use is carbon balanced, offsetting the production. 

Sue at Kind2 says, “we wanted to create a product that left no trace at the end of its life. Paper board is compostable as well as recyclable, so it’s ideal. We sourced a UK manufacturer who uses carbon balanced paper too, which means we are contributing to rainforest restoration and preservation.”

These four examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas for how you can introduce plastic free packaging into your home or your business. Blue Patch works tirelessly to lobby for change. We promote ideas so that consumers can easily find products that are plastic free and help members find ways to make their businesses more sustainable. 

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