Pleasure & Beauty:six artists at the Carnegie Library

Painting by Alison Bickmore

Painting by Alison Bickmore

The historic Carnegie Library in Lambeth hosts Pleasure & Beauty an exhibition by six contemporary artists opening on May 6th 2015. The exhibition runs until the 31st of May and is curated by Blue Patch.

Drawing by Jason Shuttleworth

Drawing by Jason Shuttleworth

Coinciding with the Dulwich Festival means we’ve an excuse for a party on the 15th of May 6:30 – 9pm and a talk on the 16th 11:30 am to 12:30pm. The address is 188 Herne Hill Road, SE24. Opening Hours.

The Dulwich artists open house

The Carnegie Library, Lambeth

The exhibition title “Pleasure & Beauty’ is taken from the writings of John Ruskin (1889 – 1900)  “all men have sense of what is right in this matter, if they would only use and apply this sense; every man knows where and how beauty gives him pleasure, if he would only ask for it when he does so, and not allow it to be forced upon him when he does not want it” (‘The Lamp of Beauty’).

Print by Julia Langley

Print by Julia Langley

Ruskin was an English author, poet, painter and local resident of Herne Hill (and the Lake District) with a number of streets named after him.

dulwicg open house exhibition at the carnegie library

Sumi Perera printing

Taking the idea of ‘what we find beautiful’ the six artists present plenty of choice – from printmaking and artist’s books, to hand carved sculpture, drawing and painting. Of course there’s architecture too – the Carnegie is probably the most beautiful building in south London. Pleasure is what we hope to bring, along with food for thought. Here’s a ‘brief encounter’ with the six exhibitors:

Work by Suimi Perera

Work by Sumi Perera

Sumi Perera shows works that comment on the various attributes of paper such as the memory revealed in an embossed print, the indelible marks left by hand processes and the grain explaining the tension is paper construction. Sumi is an award winning artist who has exhibited internationally, including a recent exhibition at The Barbican in London.

Alison Bickmore

Painting by Alison Bickmore

Alison Bickmore has a degree in Textile Design and a Masters in Fine Art Printmaking and has exhibited her work widely, including The Royal Festival Hall in London and The Princes Foundation Gallery. Alison also works in schools as an art therapist. Her lyrical work plays with the notion of chance. Objects like stones and earth generate shapes to draw around, leaving a flow of paint across the surface.

Alison Bickmore

Alison Bickmore

Shane Greeves is exhibiting hand carved pieces. His work grows out of the modernist root, exemplified by artists such as Hepworth and Brancusi. He uses woods that are sustainable and transforms these blocks into sensual forms that hold both space and light.

wood carving, dulwich, sculpture

Sculpture by Shane Greeves

Shane is a highly regarded graphic artist and Global Creative Director at FutureBrand. Shane has the accolade of having designed 18 Silver Series Olympic and Paralympic coins for the Royal Mint to commemorate the 2012 London Olympic Games – you may have one in your purse!

wood carver & sculptor,

Shane Greeves

Jason Shuttleworth is a painter, climber and conservation builder too. His drawings work as a visual diary and his paintings trigger sensations of extreme weather and being at a great height as they map his journeys across rugged and mountainous terrain.

landscapes dulwich festival

Painting by Jason Shuttleworth

Julia Langley makes oil paintings and prints of plants. Her studio is tucked away at the bottom of her garden, on the edge of a wood, where she works surrounded by her subjects. Julia is also part of the Blue Patch team and brings her creative eye to many of our projects.

flower paintings

Julia Langley in her garden studio

Julia’s work is widely collected and she also teaches a painting course at Westminster Adult Education – we hope to meet some of her students at the exhibition.

flower paintings and prints

Print by Julia Langley

Jane Langley is Julia’s cousin and is exhibiting prints and paintings based on textile pattern and strange illustrations found in ‘how to do craft’ books.  Jane stopped teaching and curating to run Blue Patch. Painting is now a secret pleasure.

Print by Jane Langley

Print by Jane Langley

Please do come and see the exhibition. It’s free and we also ask you to support the Carnegie Library and rally round to keep it open for future generations. If you do visit, please join the library at the same time – every new User helps

italian food cooked in south London, catering, take away, seasonal food

Home Cooking SE24

If you’re able to join us for the Private View from 6pm – 9pm on Friday 15th May you’ll meet the fabulous Giuseppina and sample her lavish Italian ‘tasting’  buffet – so come prepared for Blue Patch’s favourite chef from Home Cooking SE24. There will be a small charge for the food which will include a free glass of something refreshing.


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