Positive Shopping

Bringing sustainable, local brands to your doorstep

We’re very excited to announce Positive Shopping, our colourful catalogue full of sustainable, local businesses from the UK and Ireland!

Positive Shopping ties into our campaign The Power of Positive Shopping, an initiative designed to connect sustainable British and Irish businesses to shops, museums and other social and cultural venues where they can pop up and reach new markets.

Why is Positive Shopping important?

We champion aspirational local businesses – all those brands and service providers from the UK and Ireland that are actively playing their part to be kinder to the planet and contribute to the economy.

cover of the Positive Shopping catalogue, with an orange chair and words over it and a blue band at the bottom

The carbon footprint of Positive Shopping

We calculated the number of fast growing trees used and replaced these with six ‘slow growing’ saplings, planted in The National Forest, Birmingham; Ash, Oak, Hazel, Lime, Rowan and Cherry. The catalogue was printed in Hampshire by an FSC* certified company that’s also signed up to the carbon neutral scheme. The ink is water-based. The Positive Shopping catalogue is ‘designed to keep’ as a resource but is also fully recyclable.

Discover Blue Patch’s commitment to sustainability and The Positive Fund. Read about our environmental strategy.

certificate showing Blue Patch's saplings in the national Forest, Birmingham