The Power Of Positive Shopping

Connecting Shoppers with Sustainable Businesses in the UK and Ireland

The Power Of Positive Shopping connects shoppers and sustainable brands based here, in the heart of our communities.

Meet the brilliant businesses shaping the low-carbon economy

We provide a great experience for everyone looking to buy from sustainable brands that value the planet through our grassroots campaign. Positive Shopping is both digital – have a browse on issuu and print.

The carbon footprint of Positive Shopping

Every year Blue Patch invests 100% of its surplus revenue in community energy. We have expanded this to include additional community energy investments to cover the carbon footprint of Positive Shopping. In 2023 we bought shares in Dane Valley Community Energy, Cheshire, England. A community benefit society, Dane Valley is embarking on a new renewable energy initiative following the successful completion of the Congleton Hydro project. This new endeavour aims to harness solar power for schools and businesses in Congleton, Cheshire and North Staffordshire.

Positive Shopping is printed in the UK on FSC Mix paper. The ink is water-based. Positive Shopping is recyclable.

Discover Blue Patch’s commitment to sustainability and our environmental strategy.