Resources and advice for small businesses in the UK on how to deal with the COVID19 pandemic

We’ve compiled a roundup of advice and resources that we’ve seen for businesses and business owners over the past couple of weeks.

1. HM Govt Business Support: Here you’ll find all the support and information put together by the government.

2. ICAEW has a huge selection of resources and advice around tax, audit, financial reporting and other money-related topics.

3. The-Dots has a Coronavirus support feed where you can ask questions to the wider community and have them answered.

4. Enterprise Nation have support and advisors on call including this designated area for questions and answers and this piece on how small businesses can access government support.

5. Freelancers, this one is for you. IPSE has webinars, information and FAQs specifically to do with the issues that you face.

6. Federation of Small Businesses has info over here with a roundup of key business-related news as things update, plus various FAQs.

7. For business support from an accounting perspective, there’s this set of resources from Mercer & Hole‘s COVID-19 support hub.

8. If webinars are your thing, there is this daily webinar from CBI, updated with new developments including the latest support measures.

9. If you need to create a Work From Home policy, SeedLegals has free templates to use, plus loads of other advice and steps to take.

10. For random life FAQs, there’s this bit by Sarah Bridge.

11. For general personal finance FAQs including your rights at this time, this set of resources from Money Saving Expert.

We will continue to update this list. 

Do you have a resource that we’ve missed? Let us know!

Got a question? Let us know and we’ll try to find the answer for it, or direct you where to look.