The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards 2021

Awards and Community


We launched the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards in 2016. The intention was to showcase businesses in the UK & Ireland doing great things while making an impact.

Now, the awards are one of our favourite annual events. They are a great example of our work and the community that’s built around them – from the applicants to the wonderful judges.

So we’re excited to bring them back for another year, during a time that has been tough. Let us celebrate, let us support and let us make a bigger impact.

Nominate someone, or apply for an award yourself!

Note – Please do not nominate your own business. If you wish to apply as a business owner, please use our Apply for an Award form and apply directly!

Award Categories


New Business: For new businesses creating products or providing services (under 2 years old).

Social Impact: For socially minded businesses aiming to make a difference to their local communities or the environment.

Female Business Leader: For businesses headed by women who are achieving greatness, or with a woman leader making significant contributions to a business.

Sustainable Innovation: For businesses with a cutting edge idea that will save energy, reduce carbon, encourage a circular economy and protect the planet.

Global Impact: For businesses based in Britain and Ireland that are working with international communities, creating ethical partnerships and with good supply chain management.

People’s Prize: For British or Irish businesses manufacturing in this country or abroad*

*If manufacturing abroad, businesses need to fit the criteria for global impact


Heritage: For businesses using traditional production methods and techniques, making contributions to cultural heritage or incorporating heritage techniques/skills into their work.

Circular Economy Product: For businesses that use circular economy principles and methods in their products or services to provide solutions that tackle some of the major waste issues facing the planet

Environmental Impact: For businesses that have positively impacted the environment as a core component of their business and/or giving in the past two years.

Enter or Nominate a business or entrepreneur for the 2021 awards

Applications Tips

  • Don’t leave it until the final hour – trust us!
  • Please tell us about your achievements and don’t undersell yourself
  • Tell your story but also include the business jargon – we want both personal AND metrics.
  • You are the hero/heroine of your story; tell us about your ingenuity, your insight.
  • Remember to submit some great photos!
  • Share your social media links so that we can tag you if you’re shortlisted!


Can I apply for more than one category?

Sure can! We ask that you apply to a maximum of three categories plus the People’s Prize

What is the entry criteria?

Most of the categories are open to any businesses or entrepreneur registered, operating and manufacturing in the UK or Ireland. Your product or services match the criteria of whichever category you are applying for. UK or Irish businesses manufacturing abroad that can prove a positive impact in the community can apply for the Global Impact category. Businesses applying for one of the 3 categories available only to members need to be current Blue Patch members at the time of application.

What happens if I nominate someone?

We get in touch with them, let them know that they have been nominated and invite them to fill out an application form for the awards. It’s a nice way to recognise a business that you love!

Are the awards free to enter?

They sure are!

When is the entry deadline?

Applications for entry close on July 30th, 2021.

You have 3 categories that are only available to members, what does this mean?

Circular Economy Product, Heritage and Environmental Impact categories are only available to current Blue Patch members. If you are not a current member, check out our membership criteria here and join us!

Can I check out the past winners?

Absolutely – You will find all of our past winners here

With thanks to our Patrons

The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards are kindly supported by our Patrons.