The winners of the 2022 Blue Patch Sustainability Awards!

Great submissions by environmentally conscious brands

It’s a wrap! The 7th Blue Patch Sustainability Awards results!

Entries for the 2022 Awards closed on December 12th and presented our judges with a spring time challenge to pick the top entries from a top class year!

Winners’ slide presentation.

Each submission was an inspiration and we thank everybody who entered. There were fabulous businesses that missed the shortlist, and are ones to watch in 2024.

Let’s raise our glasses to all the businesses that are helping to create our low-carbon economy.

With thanks to our Patrons; Thrive Renewables and Naturesave for supporting the awards.

The New Business Award is for sustainable and social impact businesses under 2 years old.

Winner of the New Business Award is Anti

Anti takes discarded and broken umbrellas, disassembles them and upcycles the components into desk and table lamps. The concept transforms something unwanted into something desirable – congratulations Anti!

‘This was the most innovative business in my opinion, addressing a serious problem with umbrella waste. The price point gives the allure of a higher value-added product.’

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Congratulations to the New Business Award finalists too, all making wonderful headway towards creating the green economy.

Serious Tissues, Melior & Co, Panda Joy

The Community Award is for individuals, community groups and businesses that are fostering positive change in their community.

Winner of the Community Award is eco action games

eco action games is all about eco-education and behavioural change, achieving their mission through ‘fun & games’ not ‘gloom and doom’. Their re-imagined retro games help people to understand and take action to reduce their environmental impact.

These games are a good opportunity for children to show adults that they are aware of the importance of recycling, not wasting water or electricity – they can also use eco action games to influence adults.

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Congratulations to the Community Award finalists who are bringing spirit and fun to so many.

The Clothes SwapWashed Up CardsThat Works For Me.

The Environment Award is for businesses with a clear environmental aim and measurable outcomes.

Winner of the Environment Award is Mr Bug

Mr Bug breeds insects in Devon to be used as nutritious and sustainable protein in foods. They are a small commercial farm breeding and processing mealworms used in their own brand pet treats ‘Bug Bites’.

It’s exciting to see a UK company in this fast growth sector. The branding and concept is spot on – the paw print of our pets will be reduced through treats!

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Congratulations to the Environmental Award finalists exceptional businesses making the world a greener place for all of us.

 Earthborn, BantamAirEx. 

The Heritage Award is for a business or organisation that has undertaken a project that celebrates heritage, culture and creativity; with sustainability taken into account.

Winner of the Heritage Award is Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint have created a pioneering plant-based paint made using natural ingredients which does not cost the earth and protects both people and planet. Edward Blumer is the paint sponsor for Manchester Art Gallery.

The coming together of art, history and the environment through paint is a lovely project and so complementary – bringing plant-based paint into traditional museum surroundings is a step further towards how sustainable materials can widely used.

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Beautiful heritage brands creating stunning work and supporting employment, training, innovative product development and sustainable supply chains.

Goldfinch Brookes FurnitureAva InnesSpark & BellThe Stitch Society.