Time to #VolunteerForClimate?

Reach Volunteering launches a campaign this week to #VolunteerForClimate for those of us who want to know how we can make a difference to our world. The campaign will connect people with expertise and organisations that need experts to help drive positive change for sustainability. 

Reach is a ‘national charity which connects people who want to volunteer their expertise with charities and groups that need it’. Their climate roles attract lots of applications. Reach says “we know there’s plenty of appetite to get involved. We want to amplify this: many people want to take action but feel overwhelmed, and don’t realise that there is something between litter picking and direct action.”

Blue Patch has benefited from the skills and advice of volunteers from Reach. We have had four volunteers working with us on our Advisory Board over the summer as we transition to a charity. Samantha, Alpin, Anna and Pauline all brought unique skills with them; Samantha in Business Development, Alpin in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, Anna in Business Growth and Pauline in Communications. 

These three volunteers are perfect examples of the kind of valuable skills a volunteer can bring to a climate or environmental group. 

What the #VolunteeerForClimate campaign is about

The #VolunteerForClimate campaign will run in September and encourage people to volunteer with climate and environmental groups. There will be opportunities to work as trustees, fundraisers, researchers, accountants, web designers and more. 

Reach will be sharing a video and inspiring stories of people who are already volunteering. We look forward to hearing these stories as we know how Reach has helped us. 

Why are Reach running the #VolunteerForClimate campaign now

Reach has seen a huge surge in interest in volunteering. Now is the perfect time to run #VolunteerForClimate

Image: Reach

The primary aim of the #VolunteerForClimate campaign is to ‘get more expertise and capacity into climate-focused organisations’ but Reach believes it could also ‘help shift the narrative on climate’ and change misconceptions that stop us from taking action. 

“We think it will be very powerful to highlight the array of brilliant climate-focused groups (many of which are entirely led by volunteers) out there, working in different ways to take action. The variety of their approaches is hopeful and an effective way of normalising climate action: it demonstrates that many people do care, and are doing something constructive about it.”

The opportunities posted during the campaign will give people an immediate way to use their expertise. They will provide opportunities to make a difference and contribute. To show that they care. 

The stories that Reach will share over the campaign will help show that taking action on climate change is possible. Without the need to take direct action. And that ordinary people can make a difference. 

We can’t wait to see the results of the campaign. As an organisation that has benefited from the expertise of people who are not only skilled but also have a passion for sustainability, we know that it can make a difference. 

Find out more about the #VolunteerForClimate campaign on the Reach website.

Annette Clubley

Annette is a keen wildlife conservationist, mindful of sustainability and our impact on the environment. Outside of work, family is her focus and she loves teaching the next generation to enjoy the outdoors.