Travel essentials from the British Isles.

I love a good holiday, don’t you?

Some of my time this last month was taken up by planning a rather exciting holiday later in the spring, and given that it’s April, we have our sights set on warmer weather and forays away.

A holiday requires a lot of planning. Sure you can toss some clothes in a bag, hop in the car and head off where the road takes you, booking hotels as you go along, but for most of us that simply would not work.

Here is our list of holiday essentials, things that we think everyone needs in their bag.

1. A scarf.

Well, strictly speaking this one is for the ladies. Depending on where you go, you may need a quick cover for modesty, or comfort. Or simply something to jazz up an outfit. It could double as a head wrap or even be wrapped around your waist.

Rose Fulbright, Square floral silk scarf.

2. Comfortable shoes

I love exploring new places, and explorations require a lot of walking. A lot of walking requires comfortable shoes.

Herring Shoes, Exmoor

3. Skincare.

No one likes coming home from a fabulous holiday with terrible skin. All of that can be alleviated with making sure you take everything to take care of your skin.

Bee Good, Honey and Propolis cleanser

XO Balm

Pop it all in a travel bag so that you never forget another essential product!

Sails and Canvas, Sailcloth wash bag.

4. Fragrance

A little splash of perfume will keep you confident and feeling refreshed.

We particularly like the little taster sets from 4160 Tuesdays – designed for any mood you might be in.

4160 Tuesday Taster set

5. Swimwear

Don’t forget to take some, even if it’s not a beach holiday. You never know when the opportunity to splash around may arise!

Davy J

6. Easy entertainment.

You’ll need something for the in between times. Music. A book. Or these playing cards.

Gibson’s Prosecco playing cards.


Finally, if you’re heading off abroad, don’t forget your travel insurance from ETA insurance. After all, peace of mind is the most important thing .


Enjoy your travels!