Why I do what I do: Canopy Beer Co.

Canopy Beer Co. is a microbrewery in Herne Hill, in south London. Estelle Theobalds the Founder and brewer has so far created the delicious Brockwell IPA, Milkwood Amber and Ruskin Wheat Beer. Craft Beer is where it’s at! Website www.canopybeer.com
Founder canopy Beer Co

Estelle Theobalds

Why I do what I do: Estelle Theobalds   watch the film

Running a microbrewery is an absolute dream, why wouldn’t I do what I do?! We develop and make our beers, bottle and cask them here and deliver straight out to our (mainly) local customers. Running my own business allows me flexibility and creativity.

Local microbrewery in Herne Hill

Canopy Beer Co. Railway arch in Herne Hill

Where I do it

We live locally to Herne Hill and so Herne Hill was an obvious choice. With great support for local produce and a network of other local small businesses, it’s our ideal location. We are based in a railway arch behind the main road which offers us plenty of space for brewing.

beer company made in herne hill

Julia and Estelle

What drives me on

Happy customers and the potential to improve and build the business.

beer bottles

Canopy Beer Co,

What I’m working on

We are launching a new beer in the next month, and working towards opening the brewery to the public to drink on site and take away.

Herne Hill shopps

Dugard and Daughter’s sell Canopy Beer


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