Why I do what I do: Green Oil

Green Oil is an exemplary example of an ethical British business. Green Oil creates bicycle lubricants and other fluids from plants and biodegradable materials. CEO Simon is non-apologetic in his quest for a sustainable business that simultaneously makes great products whilst being kind to the wonderful planet. Welcome to the stage…

Dyb bobbin me two

Why I do what I do…

After a bike ride through the river Quaggy and a failed attempt to find a petrochemical free lubricant, Green Oil was born. I created the formula in my last year of University and luckily, through testing in Lords Wood Southampton, it worked! Many corporations use PTFE in their lubes. PTFE makes a carcinogen in its production and it does not biodegrade. However in spite of this, I’ve found they still often claim their formulas are biodegradable.

Eco Rider Deluxe set

Where I do it…

We’re based in Brixton on Coldharbour Lane but manufacturing takes place in Yorkshire. British manufacturing has always been important to me – it reduces the carbon footprint of transport significantly, creating an altogether greener product.




What drives me on…

I’m completely driven by a desire to stop water pollution from environmentally damaging products and to set an example of how a business should be run. I’m happy to say Green Oil make the world’s greenest range of bicycle maintenance fluids and we’re the first brand in the UK to use 100% recycled plastic bottles.




What I’m working on…


I’m working on other lubricants which are, of course, biodegradable. The new look of Green Oil has been successful already, so I’m also working on a similar style label for our sugar and orange peel based Agent Apple immersion degreaser! For a bit more information you can watch our story here:


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