Why I do what I do: Kreisdesign

Like most people, we have fallen madly in love with Scandinavian influenced design – it just suits us! It’s hard not to form a strong hankering for the practical, clean and yet homely designs that tend to favour sustainable materials and processes. Nikki from Kreisdesign has taken these ideas, but with her typical flair has created something cheerfully unique. Her pegboards are handmade using sustainable plywood so your kitchen, office, kids room or hallway can be transformed into your very own Scandi retreat!


Why I do what I do:

I am passionate about designing and coming up with new ideas or solving problems! So I design and make because I can bring useful and beautiful products to my customers.

NK painting pegs 1

Where I do it:

I work from my flat near Kings Cross. When I first started I thought I couldn’t possibly work from home, but then I just started doing it and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a large desk in my living room where I do all the designing and business administration, and the workshop (which is partly in my kitchen) is where I make my products including pegboards, shelves and home accessories. I also have a garage which I use as storage for pegboards as well as custom cardboard boxes and where I can also work on larger items that would not fit into my kitchen workshop.

Kreisdesign_Chefs Edition pegboard_1

What drives me on:

Creating new products that nobody has thought of before that fulfil a purpose and are beautiful! It’s also great to hear how much customers love my products and when they come back for more – positive feedback drives me on.

1 NK oiling trays

What I’m working on next:

I am exploring how to add pattern to the front face of my pegboards. I want to try to engrave a pattern, maybe via laser cutting. I thought about printing an Orla Kiely pattern onto it which I think would beautifully complement the mid-century feel of the plywood.


Soapbox Space:

My background is in architecture and I got to design a lot of furniture and lighting for my clients projects. I always put a lot of attention and time into them but I wanted to bring the designs out into the world and not have them limited to one client. Over the years, I collected lots of ideas for products and a few years ago rented a small studio and started making and experimenting with ideas and materials. This was really the start where I said to myself: lets move to the “centre of design”: (in my eyes) London, and start a new venture into becoming a furniture and product designer. This was after having lived and worked as an architect in Australia for 6 years, but as I was missing the ‘old world’, I was very excited to move to the other side!

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