Why I do what I do: Lisa Watson

We’re so happy to introduce the wonderful Quilts by Lisa Watson to our growing Blue Patch network. Lisa has been designing and stitching luxury quilts with a contemporary twist using fabulously British fabrics for a few years now. It’s time to get to know her…



Why I do what I do:

In my 20s I did have a conscious thought about wishing to make and sell quilts for a living, but there were lots of other things I wished to do and the time wasn’t right. Roll forward 20 years, we now have e-commerce and twitter etc. at our fingertips, so I decided now was the right time for me to make and sell quilts for a living.

Starting your own business is incredibly exhilarating. My business idea was to combine my passions for design, colour, British quilt designs and British fabrics to create a product about quality and authenticity; British made heritage quilts with a contemporary twist.



Where I do it:

I live in Manchester and the North West has an amazing and inspirational textile heritage. I feel that Greater Manchester particularly is currently experiencing a real bubble of business opportunity and I feel so enthused to be part of a renaissance in British textile manufacturing.



What drives me on:

Following my embroidery degree, I went on to work in arts and education, in between bringing up my children and following a milestone birthday and the maelstrom of my son being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I decided to start stitching again, although truth be told I never really stopped…

I make my quilts because I love colour, textures and fabric. I wish to stitch useful and beautiful products that people will enjoy and take solace from and that are made to last.




What I’m working on:

Scraps – my daschund draft excluder is inspired by one my Granny had. I have updated him for the 21st century providing you with a friendly and practical dog companion that will stop the drafts under your door, but will also look cute perched atop a sofa, dresser, bed or mantelpiece.


My NEW Tumbling Block blankets inspired by a traditional quilting block pattern have just been knitted and are ready for the wintry weather. I am currently working on quilted quilts stitched with shirting fabric for next summer.


Soapbox Space!

Nothing is either expensive or cheap, it’s either worth it or not.

Not sure where I picked this quote up from (thank you twitter?) but it resonates and it is my personal business mantra for my quilts. Individuals make personal choices to buy British; to buy quality goods made to last, to understand that for unique bespoke designs they need to pay a little bit more.

A quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul.




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