Why I do what I do: Ethical upcycled fashion

Fashion Revolution Week commences on the 18th April 2016, and people across the globe will be asking brands #whomademyclothes to show we as customers care about the people in all stages of the production line. With Hayley from Raggedy, you can be sure to receive clothing made with love, respect, and flair! Her timeless, seasonless pieces are made from upcycled materials, with a respect for the environment and the individuality of all women. 



Why I do what I do:

I am a creative person at heart, full of passion and love for what I do. So for me, not to feed that creativity, would be silly. I started from a young age, always making with my hands and imagination. From watching my seamstress mother create beautiful clothes, I must have picked up a few tips without even knowing it! Following my passion I studied sculpture and I have now found myself sculpting fashion with art and with sustainability at its heart. I create sustainable clothing by using wasted cloth and now after many years I am creating unique wearable art for women with a strong message: dress like nobody’s judging!




Where I do it:

I am based in an old Silk Mill in Frome which has been transformed into 21 studios which is now a hub for a variety of artists, from graphic designers, painters, a double bass player and 3D printers! It is such an inspiring place to work and create, and I love being a part of a wider creative community.




What drives me on:

Creating beautiful clothing for women, working at over accentuating the female form with sculptural shapes and making the curvy body even curvier! I believe in the message of freedom, of being our own unique selves, that we should not be conformed and directed by anyone – especially the media – into what we should and shouldn’t wear. My question is, why allow fear to rule and why not see instead that we are all beautiful unique beings. We as the individual should stand up and express our own unique self in whatever we want, and clothes seem to be a driving force of that. I see fashion and art as creation, and creation is life. It all lies in one big bag so why not create from that bag.




What I’m working on next:

I have been working on an off the peg range and introducing organic fabrics into my designs. I will be launching them on my online shop all in due course… after all, this is slow and season-less fashion!




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