Why I do what I do: Source Climate Change Coffee

Good morning Coffee, you heavenly goddess of all productivity! 
The UK consumes above and beyond 70 million cups of coffee a day and I’d say the Blue Patch team is responsible for about half that figure. Britain clearly relies on those energetic beans in the morning so we got talking to our wonderful member Cristina from Source Climate Change Coffee to hear her perspective. Thanks to her hard work, Britain is moving forward into sipping sustainably, one cup at a time – wsalute you Cristina!

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Why I do what I do:

Because I love coffee, I love travelling and I love nature. I used to work for a large coffee and tea company and I decided to set up on my own because I thought we could do more to address climate change and support farmers’ conservation efforts. I also think that increasingly people want to know about where their food comes from, how it is made and what the impacts are on land and people.


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I also enjoy sourcing rare and really unique organic single origin coffees from some of the worlds most far removed ecological hotspots and educating our customers on the sustainability and biodiversity value of these forests, not to mention climate change. I set up Source Climate Change Coffee because I wanted to prove to myself and to other businesses that it is possible to have a business that is wholly sustainable and rewards farmers in the supply chain for conservation efforts.


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Where do I do it:

When I’m not traipsing off to visit the farmers or visit new reforestation projects, I work from home! I call it Kitchen HQ, and am often to be found seated at our dinner table with the grinder and the kettle nearby. It’s a luxury really!  The roasting and packing all happens at the Bewleys Roastery in Huddersfield. I’m very lucky to be working with some fabulously like minded people.


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What drives me on:

The fact that we need to do something urgently about deforestation which accounts for 20% of global greenhouse emissions. Source is the only conservation-led coffee company buying coffees from Cloud Forest areas with reforestation projects in ecological hotspots – the single most effective way to combat climate change is to plant more trees and protect standing forests.


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What I’m working on:

I’ve just set myself up as an importer to bring in my first batch of Rwandan coffee from Gishwati Cloud Forests. It is one thing knowing all there is to know about sustainability, but it has been a massive learning curve to actually understand importing! This coffee will launch in February 2016, so I am looking forward to getting it out there.


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My Soapbox

I love working from home, but it’s not easy to keep healthy sitting at Kitchen HQ, especially when you like the odd spot of cream with your coffee. I’ve had to take up yoga with my 15 year old daughter who is much fitter than I am and puts me to shame. But it’s well worth it! I’m actually loving my new flexible self.


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