Why I do what I do: Sweet Carolina

Sweet Carolina is a home based local bakery in south London. Carolina prepares all kinds of delicious cakes and biscuits, made with love and dedication with the best local, organic and seasonal ingredients.

cakes made in Herne Hill

Sweet Carolina

Why I do what I do: Carolina Fox  Watch the film

I worked on film production and tv commercials for about 17 years. One day I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore because it didn’t make me happy.

So I started doing what does make me happy: to bake. I love baking, it is like a therapy for me and I love to share what I have baked with my loved ones, Sweet Carolina is all about that: To spread love and sweetness baking. I also enjoy the reaction when people try something I have baked and they go “mmmmhhhhh”.

That is when I say to myself… this is why I do what I do.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake by Sweet Carolina

Where I do it

At the moment my kitchen is home based. I live in Herne Hill, South East London.

I sell my products on my website and I trade once a month at Herne Hill Market and twice a month at Streatham Market. I also bake cakes to order for special occasions or just a lovely tea time with your friends and family.

organic cakes made in london

A spread of mouth watering cakes and biscuits

What drives me on

I feel I am living my dream, I am beginning to have a business doing what I love most. And what drives me on is the sound of “mmmmhhhhh” or “this is REALLY good” coming out from one of my clients when they try my products.

biscuits and baked goods

Spooky faces by Sweet Carolina

What I am working on

At the moment I am working in a range of scrumptious and beautifully presented sweet gifts for Mother’s day. Also I am creating a healthy and vegan range with high protein bars, vegan brownies and blondies, all low in sugar, gluten free and dairy free.

blue patch organic foods

Seasonal, organic fruit tart by Sweet Carolina

Blue Patch team: Interview by Julia Langley. Film by Alberto Gonzalez Fernandez.

Blue Patch is Britain’s sustainable marketplace. We’re on the look out for potential businesses to become Promo members. If you would like to come on board please contact the team, we’d love to hear from you.

Blue Patch is giving 100% of its profits to good things.