Why I do what I do: The Grain Grocer


The Grain Grocer is all about community, local economy, responsible sourcing and our products are always organic and local where possible. Our refillable organic food project started at Crystal Palace Food Market and is very much still there; a lovely place high up the hills with great London views and clean air.

Always Organic – Responsibly Sourced – Natural Wholefood

Blue Patch interview

Wade, Julia and Alberto

Why I do what I do: Watch the video!

I wanted to work with good food and people. Especially natural and organic food and with people that are into nature and the environment.

I spent some time working on an organic farm in Oregon (USA), growing, cultivating and learning about soil, plants and healing foods and really enjoyed it.

Over the past years and on my travels I became aware of our consumerism behaviour and the negative impact it can have and wanted to try help to reduce the need for unnecessary packaging by starting a refill business.

I also wanted to only offer natural and organic products so I guess we started a little natural food refill shop.

Alomons and wholefoods


Where I do it

We do it online during the week and at the markets on Saturdays. Quite a nice balance really.

When I came back to UK I was looking for a way to put this into practice and found that I had a fantastic local farmers market in Crystal Palace and I wanted to be a part of it. So I found a way to fit in with a load of large jars and great selection of everyday ingredients.

We have also recently become members of the Brockley Market family.

Transition Town market in Cystal Palace

Crystal Palace Food Market

What drives me on

Seeing people that are excited by what we are doing and happy with the quality of our products.  And knowing that what we are doing is something I believe in.

markets, London food

The Grain Grocer giving personal service

What I am working on

We’re working with a fantastic reforestation climate change coffee company called Source climate change coffee; offering fresh ground coffee from our shop in Crystal Palace and trying to source a local honey. We have also just launched our website offering a click and collect service from both Crystal Palace Food Market and Brockley Market.

Transition town food market

Crystal Palace Food Market

Blue Patch team: Interview by Julia Langley. Film by Alberto Gonzalez Fernandez.

Blue Patch is Britain’s sustainable marketplace. We’re on the look out for potential businesses to become Promo members. If you would like to come on board please contact the team, we’d love to hear from you.

Blue Patch is giving 100% of its profits to good things.