Why I do what I do: Wingback

Alisdair MacLaine

Alisdair MacLaine

In the age of fast fashion and over-consumption it’s refreshing to see products made with love and built to last. With his gorgeous range of handmade leather wallets, Alasdair from Wingback does exactly that…


Why I do what I do:

I’ve always loved making things. With a background in industrial design and technical engineering, I became frustrated with the way fashion items lasted a few months before falling apart. They are literally designed to fail so you have to buy them again. I decided to create a brand which focuses on the longevity and function of its designs whilst making products that can be tailored to offer something my customers can cherish for years.  Working with natural materials is a pleasure, every item comes out slightly different and use improves the product rather that wearing it out.
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Where I do it:

I try to keep as mobile as possible. When I’m not making prototypes in the workshop in north London I spend my time working in coffee shops, shared work spaces and even outside in Richmond park (when our beautiful British weather permits). I find I am far more creative in a varied environment and enjoy my work much more. Sitting behind a desk all day is never inspiring.

What drives me on:

My passion is building things that I love, questioning why things are like they are and generally being inquisitive. There’s something very satisfying about taking a product back to its basics and re-designing it from the ground up to create something simple, clean and useful. For me, design is much more than just creating a product. You have to consider the full lifecycle and make sure the customer isn’t just a stop gap before the product goes into a land fill.

What I’m working on: 

I’m working on a couple of product collaborations with European brands at the moment and designing more products to fit into the Wingback range. I’m currently experimenting with brass and wooden parts that will integrate into some of the larger products.
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