Why I do what I do: Fabrications

Barley Massey runs an ‘imaginerium’ craft space in Broadway Market, London E8, with a shop for your craft needs and a studio for classes and events. Visit her website: fabrications1.co.uk

Broadway Market Barley Massey


Why I do what I do: Barley Massey       watch the film

As well as making a living, my aim is to inspire and demonstrate craft & design’s potential for social and environmental change. I do what I love and love what I do! I have followed my heart and inner values through challenges, living frugally as well as the high points and unimaginable opportunities that I have been blessed with. Running your own business is a journey just like life!  

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Julia Langley meets Barley Massey

Where I do it

In a once disused shop on Broadway Market, East London, which became ‘Fabrications’. Fabrications has been an evolution / work in progress. The space was very run down in a bad state of disrepair when I discovered it in the late 90’s. At that time the council were encouraging local business and artists to take on the empty shops on Broadway Market to re energise – which is what I did and continue to do! Each year I have made improvements through resourceful ways, skill swapping. Today it is a buzzing, thriving hub with a shop area, studio and beautiful classroom space. I am very happy here.

craft and upcycling textiles, classes in London

Barley Massey : Fabrications

What drives me on

 Seeing the seeds of your labour come to fruition and reflected back in the people you meet and work with. The need to constantly learn, be watchful of life’s lessons and the natural world.  

What I’m working on

At this time of year, I am making the most of a quieter time to refresh and reflect. I am enjoying a creative time to experiment, create samples and develop some new workshop ideas too. I am also thinking about and starting to plan some fun events and promotions around Fabrications 15th birthday this year, which I really want to celebrate as it’s quite a milestone!

darning Broadway Market

Johnny Condon darning his socks

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