Winners and Finalists 2021 : The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards

Welcome to our Sustainable Business Awards where we celebrate the achievements of those contributing to cultural heritage, social good, environmental impact and the circular economy.

2021 delivered astonishing entries for our 6th awards. The judges comments bear testament to the quality of the submissions, we thank them for taking on the challenge of selecting the winners. We also thank our Patrons and Sponsor for their ongoing support. Finally our heartfelt congratulations to every single applicant, so many fantastic brands – the future shines brightly through your efforts!

Leading the field in Sustainability, Culture and Social Impact

Winner, Angus Ross : Heritage Award

For businesses using traditional production methods and techniques, making contributions to cultural heritage or incorporating heritage techniques/skills into their work

  • Angus Ross for his work on The Declaration of Arbroath Tapestry Triptych, a collaboration between the Red Lichties Stitching Group, artist Andrew Crummy and Angus Ross, celebrating the 700th anniversary of the Declaration. The tapestry is now in the permanent collection of Historic Environment Scotland and displayed at Arbroath Abbey. Also The Red House Benches, commissioned by the National Trust. The Red House was home to William Morris, the influential poet, designer, artist, saga translator and socialist. The Red House is a wonderful place to visit and have a sit in one of Angus’s four seats!
Angus Ross, with long beard and a blue cap,  making a wooden frame, with a tapestry behind,  in the prize winning workshop in Scotland

Angus Ross’s work will be enjoyed by generations. The contemporary benches sit beautifully within the Arts & Crafts setting of the Red House, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of context, exceptional skill and a mastery of the language of design.

Judge’s comment


  • Rose Fulbright for taking a British brand and design style to China, Singapore, Australia, America and Belgium, showcasing classic couture techniques such as French Seams and Bias Binding.
  • Love Heartwood for their wooden plates and bowls and cups, a new take on pre-18th century woodware.

Joint Winners, Bio D and Habitat Aid : Environment Award

For businesses that have positively impacted the environment as a core component of their business and/or giving in the past two years.

  • Habitat Aid supply many tonnes of wildflower seed and 100,000s native plants. They have directly planted and seeded acres of land and they support environmental NGOs, making a remarkable contribution to sustaining habitats that conserve wildlife and enrich biodiversity.

With many species becoming extinct through habitat loss and climate change, this business is making a real contribution to sustainability

Judge’s comment
Wildflowers growing around a solar installation, providing renewable energy and biodiversity-rich habitats

Good to see a company supporting British growers and native species and keeping things

Judges comment
  • bio D 100% of bio D’s bottles are created from post-consumer waste. bio D’s products are manufactured in the UK to reduce ‘food miles’ and, as you’ll discover further down this page… they are circular!

Very well thought through sustainability strategy which goes well beyond the core
business activity.

Judges comment
two pink Bio D bottles with sustainable cleaning liquid created from post-consumer waste.

After reading your submission and looking at your website, I ended up buying your products. Your story is powerful.

Judge’s comment

Finalist Environment Award

  • Naturesave – achieved the landmark of giving £1m of its income to their charity the Naturesave Trust. There have been over 500 environmental projects funded since The Trust was founded in 1997

Winner, Bold Voices : Social Impact Award

For socially minded businesses aiming to make a difference to their local communities and the environment

  • Bold Voices is a groundbreaking new initiative that empowers young people to recognise and tackle gender inequality and gender based violence through education.
three youths posing in Bold Voices tee-shirts, in front of a graffiti wall, representing an award winning social impact organisation

A business brilliant idea, effort and impact! I couldn’t have
agreed more and would love to support this initiative and see it growing further. Well done to
the founders as I believe they have founded something very strong that will go a long way.

Judge’s comment

Finalists Social Impact

  • Cooper’s Bakehouse is a bakery producing organic sourdoughs and traditional slow-fermented bread and delivering by bicycle
  • The Shrew With The Flu is a children’s Environmental Education Materials and Picture Book.
  • Top Up Truck is a fun community-centred zero waste delivery service operating from an electric milk float

Winner, Y.O.U : Global Impact Award

For businesses based in Britain and Ireland that are working with international communities, creating ethical partnerships and with good supply chain management. Sponsored by EQ Investors.

two young women posing in an orchard in ethical and sustainable underwear
  • Y.O.U underwear made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Fairtrade and PETA-approved vegan materials, giving two pairs to women’s charities for every pair you buy!

I am particularly impressed with how every facet of the business has adopted an
ethical and sustainable model and where possible, certification. I also like the effort put into
monitoring their impacts, and the addition of the take-back scheme.

Judge’s comment

Finalists Global Impact Award

  • BB Pads  sustainable, ethical and transparent textiles are helping to tackle period poverty and plastic waste and support women’s work.
  • Frugi is a Cornish-based ethical children’s clothing and accessories company with a rigorous planet-friendly etho.s
  • Origin Africa, the UK’s first 100% not-for-profit fashion brand use 100% of their profits to fund social impact entrepreneurs in Africa.

Winner : Top Up Truck, New Business Award

For new businesses creating products or providing services (under 2 years old).

A milk float providing refills, in a sunny street for low carbon food shopping
  • Top Up Truck – a fun community-centred zero waste delivery service operating from an electric milk float

I loved everything about this business. From how it started up, the speed it started, its
mission, its purpose to how it is great for connecting the local community. Perfect idea as it
is not easy to access Refill shops if you don’t live near them. It is clearly meeting the needs
of those who are less mobile as well as providing a social outlet. Great work with schools
and in education. Huge potential for growth and it is inspiring just how quickly this has grown
in size. Would love to see one of these trucks in every town.

Judge’s comment

Finalists New Business Award

  • Selfmade Candle – an independent wellness brand with products designed to be used more than once
  • Haines Collection Ltd – on a mission to reduce textile waste in the interiors industry
  • Trelonk – harnessing the natural power of plants, chosen for their efficacy in alleviating inflammation

Winner, bio D : Circular Economy Award

For businesses that use circular economy principles and methods in their products or services, providing solutions that tackle some of the major waste issues facing the planet.

  • bio D launchd their closed-loop laundering system in 2020.
a selection of circular economy cleaning products from award winning sustainable business bio D

The refillable aspect and fragrance free / allergy consciousness of this award winning sustainable business is impressive.

Judge’s comment

Finalists Circular Economy Award

  • Chloe Haywood, repurposing rejected materials into new products
  • Ava Innes, a circular approach to using a by-product of the cashmere industry

Winner, Trelonk : Sustainable Innovation Award

For businesses with a cutting edge idea that will save energy, reduce carbon, encourage a circular economy and protect the planet.

organic golden oil poured from a glass beaker into a black bottle, on a yellow table, with a sunflower, showing winning sustainable brand Trelonk, Cornwall

Trelonk is innovative and different. It incorporates much needed biodiversity
into the equation. It was great to see an organisation really pushing boundaries.

Judge’s comment
  • Trelonk are using supercritical CO2 as a green alternative to traditional organic solvents for the extraction of essential oils from plants. They also manage healthy, biodiverse habitats, in Cornwall.

Finalists Sustainable Innovation Award

  • Green Unit make low carbon, modular buildings that are manufactured offsite, saving time and energy.
  • Linda Bloomfield has invented a new celadon glaze that can be fired at a lower temperature using green energy.
  • Ava Innes make beautiful bedding in Scotland and have the patent for a new type of insulating fabric!

Winner, Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays : Female Business Leader

 For businesses headed by women who are achieving greatness, or with a woman leader making significant contributions to a business.

  • Perfumer Sarah McCartney is the founder of 4160 Tuesdays, an independent, artisan perfumery in West London. Sarah has been hand-making sensual and exciting scents since 2011 as well as teaching people how to make their own.
Woman in her award winning artisan perfume  workshop, holding two bottles in front of her eyes

Sarah McCartney is an inspiration, with solid ethics and a wealth of knowledge, she’s also teaching her knowhow to others.

Judge’s comment

Finalists Female Business Leader

Winner of the People’s Prize : Top Up Truck

For businesses based in Britain and Ireland, that may manufacture either in the UK & Ireland or abroad. Selected by public vote.

little grey whippet dog by a milk float selling sustainable refills
  • Top Up Truck is the refill store floats to your door! Hopefully with this lovely dog…

Runner up

Congratulations to everyone who submitted for the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards!

A special cheer for all the beautiful, creative and sustainable businesses that entered the awards and those pipped at the post, each one making a grand effort to have a beneficial impact on their communities and the environment.

Thank you again to all of our wonderful judges, our award sponsor EQ Investors and our Gold Patrons for all of their support.

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