About Us

a collection of ceramic domed forms with glazed organic textures in grey and white, on a white table, made by a sustainable local craft business
Field Lichen, ceramics by Linda Bloomfield

Feel good when you shop

Blue Patch’s sustainable directory connects you with beautiful, local brands in the UK and Ireland: handcrafted furniture, organic beauty products, low-carbon holidays, ethical financial services….and many more.

Our environment is precious, so we select businesses for quality and environmental credentials. However we never claim that a business is perfect; Net Zero is a work in progress, what matters is actively working on carbon reduction. Together we can make a difference.

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We’re backing community-owned renewables!

Blue Patch is different…

A national social enterprise, not only do we support local, sustainable businesses, we are also tackling climate change.

The world must transform to renewable energy to keep global temperatures at a safe level. This is why we use 100% – every penny of Blue Patch’s surplus income, to fund community-owned renewable energy projects.

Since 2019 we’ve contributed to solar installations on school and railway buildings in Brighton, Oxford, Swansea, Glasgow and London. We call this The Positive Fund!

As Blue Patch grows, The Positive Fund will be lighting up the green local economy, helping our nation to meet Net Zero targets.

Our Positive Shopping campaign

Positive Shopping is Blue Patch’s celebration of work produced in studios, farms, workshops and small factories across the UK and Ireland and by selected Global Impact members. We really love doing pop-up events at museums and we’ve now got our own publication ‘Positive Shopping‘ . Take a look at some of our projects here

How can you join in?

You can browse our website to discover our brands and buy directly from our members and their official stockists. We do not charge a commission on sales made this way.

If you’re a business, we’d love to have a conversation about how we could work together.

How can you tell a business is sustainable?

Auditing carbon emissions is new for businesses. For small businesses, tools and criteria are still being developed and ratified. Blue Patch has created a Carbon Calculation Group to help our businesses to calculate and reduce emissions. Aided by consultants, calculations will be made in line with the Green House Gas Protocol. Read our environmental statement.

FAQ criteria. Brands can apply to become part of our network.

Blue Patch is the trading name of Cool It World Limited (CIW) an asset-locked company (Limited by Guarantee) dedicated to supporting the environment and sustainable, local business.

Where are we based?

We are based in Dulwich, London (pop by for a coffee!), but our members are scattered across the UK and Ireland. Read our Founder’s story here.