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Made in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

Are you looking for sustainable, handcrafted furniture, wallpapers, ceramics and textiles to brighten up your home? At Blue Patch we believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle means making conscious choices without compromising on quality, style and design.

Trade only? Visit our Sustainable Business Services

Blue Patch is a national network for sustainable business in the UK and Ireland. Connect as trade customers through our members hub; retrofit builders, architects, ethical finance, green energy providers, environmental consultants, Green Angels, low-carbon logistics, insurance, recycling and more. Partnerships flourish when you connect with like-minded businesses.

  • Partnerships

    We create opportunities to work with museums, cultural institutions and shops

  • We have our own Positive Shopping campaign

    Positive Shopping is a grassroots campaign to promote sustainable businesses across the UK and beyond

  • We provide free training for businesses

    Learn to audit and reduce your business carbon emissions

Do you have a business?Join the UK’s sustainable business network at Blue Patch

Blue Patch is a dynamic network of like minded businesses. We foster partnerships and help SMEs to connect with each other. The advantages of being a member include cost-sharing, information-sharing, co-exhibiting and facilitation of collaborative projects. Check out the benefits of membership and get in touch, we’d love to hear about your business.

Helping SMEs to meet net zero and ESG

We provide members with free training to audit and reduce carbon emissions. The LET’S DO NET ZER0 programme is helping SMEs to audit scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and meet the net zero 2050 target. Member micro-sites connect to Environmental and Social Impact reports.

Members are helping to tackle global heating through practical and measurable steps, with the support of the network and our training.

We’re a Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise our mission is to support sustainable development. To achieve this we invest 100% of our income into providing the business hub and directory and free net zero training for members. Every penny of surplus income funds community owned renewable energy projects. Our transparency and commitment to ESG makes Blue Patch one of the most trusted organisations in the UK.

If you’re exploring a conscious lifestyle or want to learn about sustainable living, the circular economy, green business and regional specialities by English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish brands, our blog has got you covered. For ethical and locally made product recommendations whether it’s Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or everyday items, browse our sustainable directory.

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