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Made in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

Are you looking for sustainable, handcrafted furniture, wallpapers, ceramics and textiles to brighten up your home? At Blue Patch we believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle means making conscious choices. This could be the gifts you buy, the ethical fashion you wear or even the business services you choose. It’s everyday living.

If you’re exploring a conscious lifestyle or want to learn about sustainable living, the circular economy, green business and regional specialities by English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish brands, our blog has got you covered. For ethical and locally made product recommendations whether it’s Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or everyday items, browse our directory.

Positive Shopping

Browse the first edition of Positive Shopping! A digital and print catalogue showcasing work by Blue Patch members.

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    100% of Blue Patch’s surplus income is invested into community-owned green energy!

Blue Patch is helping to fight climate change

How? As a social enterprise, our mission comes full circle. We invest 100% of our surplus income into community owned renewable energy to help fight climate change.

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